3 Handy Tips From Daisy Ridley About Inbound Marketing

Learn inbound marketing tips That Daisy Ridley (sort of) taugh us.

Inbound marketing is a method of marketing that gets leads coming to your website passively, rather than having sales people cold-call and chase them. It utilizes a strong content strategy to find people who are looking for what your company offers, pre-qualifying them for a sale.

Because of that, it’s a powerful tool for any company to take advantage of. A strong inbound marketing strategy allows you to leverage your time more effectively, spending more of it chasing sales from qualified leads instead of wasting time on calls with non-buyers.

Inbound Marketing Is Strong With The Force

Like the mystic force in the Star Wars universe, inbound marketing applied correctly can cause incredible things to happen. Potential buyers will more often make first contact with you, allowing you to speed up the sales process.

And, like the Jedi, those who wish to use inbound marketing to its fullest need to spend time learning how it works. When they do, they become masters at attracting good business and growing overall revenue.

This Inbound Marketing Advice Is Parallel To It’s Source

So, to be fair, Daisy Ridley has never given an ounce of inbound marketing advice in her career… at least none we could find. However, she has given great examples and advice in areas of her profession that inbound marketers can learn from.

Learning to glean great information from ideas that behave the same has become a staple in the way we learn here. Whenever we can do this, we like to share it with you.

Here’s The Inbound Marketing Advice We (Indirectly) Got From Daisy Ridley (Kinda)

Daisy Ridley has offered great insight into the world of film making, and offered awesome advice to young actors. When applying it to inbound marketing, it draws a strange similarity that we never expected.

Here’s what you can learn about inbound marketing from Daisy Ridley.

All The Pieces Matter

There’s an awesome quote about making Star Wars that Daisy gave during an interview. It spoke about the way the characters interplayed, and how even the most seemingly insignificant characters made the universe what it is.

“The thing about ‘Star Wars’ is that every single person is important. Even though Rey is a big role, everyone influences everyone. If that wasn’t so, why would so many people remember Admiral Ackbar?” – Daisy Ridley

Remember that in your inbound marketing strategy, all the pieces matter. Your social content, email automation, blogs, and sales funnel all play important roles in making the sale happen. Take the time to develop each stage of the inbound marketing process, allowing each component to be at its best. If you do, your leads will be better and convert more often, allowing your revenue to grow.

Have Perseverance

In an interview with Mashable, Ridley talks about the role luck and perseverance play in becoming a successful actor. “Luck will make things potentially happen sooner, like they did for me,” she added “But perseverance will make things happen ultimately.” When up-and-coming actors continue to put in the work despite the lack of results, they will eventually achieve a measurable success.

Similarly, your inbound marketing efforts will not immediately generate results. One of the most basic components, the blog, needs to see at least 36 – sometimes as many as 52 – entries before the site traffic will be impacted. Similarly, the magic numbers for your social following and your email list seem to matter at about 100 people. Keep at it, and the results will grow naturally.

Don’t Over-Pressure Yourself

In 2016, Daisey Ridley closed her Instagram account. It seemed sudden and left her 2.3 million followers scratching their heads as to why. About a month later, she admitted to Sky News that it was the pressure of growing up in the public eye that made the decision for her. Ultimately, posting in a frequency that generated results left her feeling like she couldn’t do all the “growing up” she felt she still had to do.

As you tackle your inbound marketing efforts, you may find that you took on a little more than you can handle. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to cut portions out, maybe dropping a social platform or reducing the amount of content you create. After all, over pressuring yourself will only lead to sub-par work that generates sub-par results.

If you’d rather not cut out anything, consider turning the work over to a quality outside agency to handle it for you.

Planning Your Inbound Marketing Prevents Imposter Syndrome

You’ll notice that in the Mashable interview, another thing Daisy mentions is the imposter syndrome that everyone on the set of Star Wars felt. When you begin your content marketing, you may feel that same feeling. Don’t worry, it’s normal.

Just remember, a good plan and solid follow through will help you overcome the feeling and move you on your way to confidence. Results will most certainly follow.

Photo by Gage Skidmore used under CC-2.0

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3 Handy Tips From Daisy Ridley About Inbound Marketing

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