3 Quick Tips to Choose Your Blog Content

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If you’re looking to get started on your blog, you may be facing the biggest question to plague all content creators. “What the Hell do I write about?”

You’ve likely scoured the internet. Different articles throw buzzwords at you like beads at Mardi Gras. Things like “interesting”, “relevant”, “informative”, and “educational” don’t really offer you a ton of help when it comes to exactly what you need to rite about. That’s where I want to help.

It’s About Answering Questions

There's a macaw with a quizzical look.

The first thing to do when deciding what to write about is to figure out what your demographic wants to know. The purpose of a blog is to capture your ideal lead at the very early phases of their buy cycle. In every product, there is information the buyer wants to know when they start down the path to purchase it.

It’s your job to figure out what they want to know and provide the answers.

By answering the questions they have, you’ll be their go-to when they are ready to write a check. Make sure that you never miss an opportunity to inform a buying question. While they are getting their answers, you will have a fantastic opportunity to capture their lead data. Make sure you do.

What Questions Do You Answer?

Figuring out what questions your buyers have can be a little tricky. Sometimes we spend so much time researching our own questions, we get lost in them and forget our clients don’t have the same ones. Here are a few quick ideas to figure out just what your client wants to know.

Consider Yourself

If you were getting ready to buy a product like yours, what would you want to know? If you wanted to buy a car, you’d research makes and models. If you were looking to build your social media, you might Google “How do I get more customers from Facebook?” Think about the problems that your product or service solves and figure out how you might want to find out about it. Your company should have no better customer than you, so your questions are likely real to your target audience.

Your company should have no better customer than you

Check Your Competition

I never advocate doing what your competition does. However, if they’re using a good content strategy, they’re answering all the right questions. Figure out what questions they’ve come up with that your clients would want answered and give your own responses to those questions. Answer them from your perspective, with your style of writing, and you’ll have confidence that you are offering the right information.

Just like the teacher in this picture, there are questions to answer.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask

You know, you’re surrounded on a daily basis by potential clients. The next time you stop in to a local taco shop for lunch, ask one of the other people sitting there what they’d want to know about your product if it solved a problem they had. Most people, as long as you have a good reason, would be happy to give you their opinion. After all, who do you know that doesn’t like to add in their two cents? Once they’ve answered, you’ve got a foundation for your content.

Know the Buy Cycle

Honestly, if you’re in business and you don’t know the buy cycle for your product or service, you need to spend some time Googling anyway. When you know your buy cycle, you know how to design your content in a way that captures all the right leads at exactly the right time. Then, when they’re ready to buy, you’ll be there waiting for them.

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3 Quick Tips to Choose Your Blog Content

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