3 Secrets To Market Your Business

Marketing your business can be very effective with the right foundation.

More leads, more sales, and more revenue: those are the big three things you can get when you market your business well, and real measurements of growth. They’re also the three big things that every business owner wants. I know, because I want them as well.

There are 3 important things your marketing needs to start with if you want growth. They’re the fundamentals, and they form the foundation of a great plan to market your business.

Marketing Your Business Is The Key To Growth

If you want to be as successful as you dream it will, you must market your business. After all, no matter how great you are at what you do, you can’t make sales if nobody knows you exist. Marketing is about getting your name out there.

You need a great marketing plan in place if you want to see the results that grow your company. That means you need to learn a few key secrets to maximize your marketing efforts. We’ve got 3 major ones to share with you.

Real Marketing Results Will Never Come Short-Term

The tips I’m going to give you are secrets that most business owners and marketing managers miss. While they will create a huge difference in your results, they are not fast, magic solutions. They work over time.

Nothing that makes a real impact will work immediately, and most things will take effort and consistency. If you apply these secrets over the next several months and years, they will improve your growth curve incrementally.

These Three Secrets Will Make Marketing Your Business More Effective

When you set out to start marketing your business (or change your marketing plan), you’ll want to do it with a solid foundation. These three secrets are the principles to a great marketing plan. Apply them and you will see your results change for the better.

There Is No Right Way

Great marketing is all about doing what works, and that tends to vary between industries and businesses. Because of that, there is no “right” advice, but instead only the “here’s what worked for me” kind of advice.

With that in mind, focus on gathering data about the things you try. Experiment frequently, gather data, refine, and test again. Do this cyclically, continuing to change and evolve. Remember, what works now may not work later, and frequent testing helps keep you ahead of the curve.

Stay True To Your Brand

Most advice sucks. That’s a fact. You’ll hear things like “avoid controversial topics” and “keep it vanilla” from colleagues. However, if those philosophies don’t fit your brand personality, ditch them altogether. Your voice can’t get lost.

Consumers have a bs meter built in – just like you do – and when you walk away from your brand’s personality for the sake of “consumer friendly” marketing, that alarm goes off fast. Skip the scripts, “best practices”, and tactics that don’t feel like your brand and opt for something a little less rehearsed and a little more genuine. Your audience will connect with you way better.

Get To Work

Marketing. Takes. Work. If you’re averse to the idea of spending hours a week trying to get your name out there, you’re fighting a losing battle. I know you’d rather be making more product or spend your time closing sales, but if you don’t spend the time exposing your company and product to new markets and audiences, you won’t be able to keep selling for long.

Thankfully, there are a ton of different ways to put in the work. Figure out what works for you, from writing blogs to posting on social media, sending emails or making video content, and do it consistently. People will find it, hear it, connect to it, and eventually become clients.

Marketing Your Business Is All About Action

If you do nothing, you’ll get nothing. That’s how marketing your business works. Keep trying new things, keep using your brand’s voice, and keep consistently working. If you do, you’re guaranteed to see more leads, more sales, and more revenue.

It’s time to set some goals and get a plan in motion.

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3 Secrets To Market Your Business

by Michael McNew Read in 3 min