5 Ways To Get Your Blogging Moving When You’re Stuck

Blogging can take a lot out of your creativity.

Regular blogging is a critical component to great content marketing. Bloggers who produce consistent content get 8 times the site traffic than non-bloggers do. However, it can be tough to produce content regularly.

Constant content creation can put a drain on a single bloggers creativity. When it is tough to be creative writer’s block is inevitable. That is why you need a plan to get things moving.

Blogging Consistently Takes Focused Effort

In any content marketing plan, blogging sits at the foundation. Without consistent blog content your company isn’t offering the information that your target market wants. If your content isn’t quality, it is not going to earn that audience’s trust. Quality always comes first.

That means you need a consistent way to reach your creative space. Developing a creative process is a hallmark of every effective content creator. It’s a great way to get yourself into the “zone” and ready to write.

Sometimes Your Creative Process Simply Gets Stuck

Despite having a system in place to encourage your blogging creativity, sometimes writer’s block just steps in. No matter how hard you try that next great idea eludes you. When that happens, put these tips to use to help stoke your creative fire.

Read Other Blogs

If you have been blogging for any period of time, you know that you are not the only person writing for your particular market. You have industry colleagues and competitors who are also producing content. Their blogs can sometimes spark your ideas.

Read what these other bloggers have posted. Sometimes, their ideas and opinions will be something that you can offer a different perspective on. Other times, you will find ideas that they are not sharing and questions that they are not answering that can feed your content.

Talk To Colleagues

Unless you are a total recluse, you know people with an interest or understanding of the things that you are blogging about. Those people can offer you a wealth of input that may get your brain turning. Don’t hesitate to go to them when you are stuck.

Find out what questions they may have that you haven’t already answered. Get their input on the latest news within your industry. A focused conversation with someone who knows the industry can do wonders for your blogging creativity.  At worst, you will have spent some time away from your desk where you can gain a fresh perspective.

Get Away From Your Desk

How many hours have you spent staring at your computer screen trying to figure out what your next topic is going to be? When blogging is a part of your marketing efforts, this scenario plays out more frequently than one might imagine. It almost never results in an epiphany.

Sometimes, the best thing is to get your brain away from the problem. Step away from your desk for a few minutes to a few hours. Take a walk, exercise, and get your mind off of blogging. Sometimes the best ideas come when you stop trying to think of one.

Have A Drink

When writer’s block strikes, it can cause tension in any blogger. Any time we are under stress it becomes more difficult to think. When it is tough to think, there is no way that you are going to cure your writer’s block. It is time to relieve some of that tension.

According to an Australian study, a glass of beer or wine can help cure writer’s block. If alcohol is not your thing, another study found that a cup of tea can also help cure writer’s block while improving other cognitive functions within minutes. Both of these things tend to reduce stress and improve mood. So drink up!

Use An Idea Generator

Sometimes when blogging it is not the creativity that you are lacking so much as it is the subject to write about. Every now and then, the only thing that you need is a quick “shot in the arm” to get you moving. Thankfully, the internet can help.

Content idea generators are often a fun way to figure out what to write about next. While they are not always perfect, they can usually get you moving down the right path. With a few minor corrections (especially in the grammar department), you can have a topic to blog about with just a few mouse clicks.

Preplanning Your Blogging Will Stop You From Getting Stuck

Writer’s block inevitably happens, especially if you are blogging regularly. However, by planning your content well in advance you can reduce the frequency and keep your blogging moving forward.

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5 Ways To Get Your Blogging Moving When You’re Stuck

by Michael McNew Read in 3 min