6 Pleasant Ways To Fill Your Lead Funnel

Learn how to make people want to fill out your lead funnel forms.

If you have a website, it’s important that you get leads from it. When developed properly, a website has a built-in process to convert visitors to leads. These lead funnels are the secret to making sure you get the best-qualified leads from your site, allowing you to passively build your prospective client list.

If your lead funnel is working correctly, you’ll get a decent number of conversions from your visitors. That being said, let’s talk about how you can increase the number of leads you’re getting.

By The Numbers, More Leads Equal More Sales

Sales is math, right? More leads equal to more sales. Sure, you could get better at your sales process, getting more sales from the same leads. But even in that scenario, more leads would make it even better.

In that spirit, we’re going to focus on tactics that will push more people into the lead funnel. That way, regardless of the quality of your sales process (which could be a whole web series itself), you’re going to inevitably increase your sales and revenue.

Make Sure Your Lead Funnel Is Doing Its Job

While pushing more people into the lead funnel will grow sales as a natural result, you need to remember that your lead funnel has to work, to begin with. It might be a good idea to audit your funnel before you use any of these tips.

Taking the time to make sure you’re getting leads and sales from your lead funnel will save you tons of wasted effort later. It’s worth the effort.

Use These Simple Tactics To Fill Your Lead Funnel

The tactics we’ve put together for you aren’t difficult or frustrating. In a lot of cases, they’re going to make your site experience more fun, and they can be handled by just about anyone. They’re so simple, in fact, that you can get most of them done in a very short period.

Create Product Videos

There’s a good chance that the best way to reach your target audience is through video. According to Kids Learning HQ, 65% of people learn visually, and 30% learn audibly. Video accesses both learning styles to reach 95% of people.

According to an Unbounce case study, a product video can increase leads by up to 33%. That’s a big deal no matter your starting point. Fortunately, there are services like Biteable that allow you to make affordable videos easily.

Stop Talking About Spam

Michael Aagaard, the Senior Conversion Optimizer at Ubounce, tried out some interesting hacks for his conversion forms back when he ran ContentVerve. One of the most surprising was his tweak to the form’s privacy statement. When he removed the word “spam” from the statement, it increased his conversion rate by 24%. That’s not to say that he didn’t mention privacy, he just refrained from saying “spam”.

Think about the different creative ways you could word your privacy statement on your forms. You could be adding bigger numbers with ease.

Get The CTA To P-O-P

Ever heard of the “squint test”? If not, you’re missing out on an easy tool to determine what needs to be fixed on your site. The squint test is where you make your vision blurry by squinting (or, if you rather, drinking), then look at your site to see if your call-to-action stands out.

If your CTA doesn’t pass the squint test, it’s time to make it pop. Use a contrasting color, bolder text, and maybe a subtle motion (talk to your web developer about how) to make sure that, even with blurry vision, your CTA is easy to find.

Offer Fewer Choices

You’ve been there before. You’re standing in line at the local fast-food place and can’t decide what to order. Do you get the double cheeseburger or the chicken sandwich? Ooh, that chili looks good too! You’re dealing with Hick’s Law. Too many choices mean your decision takes longer.

When your site visitors wind up on a landing page, they don’t need a bunch of choices. Try to make it binary – either they fil out the form or they leave. MySiteAuditor put the philosophy behind Hick’s Law into practice and saw their conversions go up 25%.

Write Blogs On The Regular

Aren’t you tired of hearing about how you need to blog? Seriously, I feel like a broken record, but it’s true. You need to have relevant information on your site that’s new and fresh – and regular – if you want people to visit. It’s good for SEO, and it’s great for interest.

Whittington Consulting helped a client start their blog and, after 6 months, they saw a 75% increase in site traffic. Moreover, the traffic was more qualified, and their client gained 216% more leads from their site.

Please don’t make me repeat this: blogging will grow your business.

Make Evergreen Content

Great content isn’t tied to a timeframe. It’s not dated. That’s why we call it evergreen. But to write evergreen content takes a lot more time, so most content creators won’t do it. Their loss.

Evergreen content is compounding over time, meaning it gains more returns the longer it’s around. Identify and optimize that content for long-tail conversion, increasing the mileage you get out of your effort.

Optimize Your Lead Funnel For Maximum Results

Like we previously stated, your lead funnel must work. Take the time to make it work, or make it work better, and these previous tips will take you even further.

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6 Pleasant Ways To Fill Your Lead Funnel

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