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The most stunning difference between Denny’s and a five-star restaurant is table gum.

There is a lot of gum stuck to the bottom of the average Denny’s table. In most five-star restaurants, there is none. Why? Does Denny’s really have that many more guests who are both disgusting and rude than Wolfgang Puck? The real answer is no. I have personally seen high end patrons stick their gum to the bottom of a “fancy restaurant” table, and I have also seen high-end patrons in Denny’s. It isn’t the patrons, it’s the restaurant.

Five-star restaurants take a different approach than Denny’s. To keep their stars, everything at every level of detail has to be kept clean and tidy in order to present an air of elegance. It isn’t uncommon for a busboy to clean the bottom of the table as often as he cleans the top. The “average Joe” restaurants, like Denny’s, don’t have this same level of focus. They don’t bother to look at clean from this particular angle, and it causes them to miss a lot. As proof that perspective matters: flip the above image over.

When you’re faced with choices about your company’s policies and procedures, you’ve got to remember to look at things from every angle as well. The more you can improve your service by tidying things most people won’t stop to look at, the bigger difference it will make. Attention to detail is apparent, even when the actual detail goes unnoticed.

Take Yale’s medical program. Students are asked to take an art class their first year to help improve their attention to detail. Harvard-trained researcher Shawn Achor shares with Success Magazine the stunning results of this improved attention and how the power of perspective can not only save lives in the medical field, but change them in every career path. Have a read to give yourself a renewed perspective.

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