Attract New Customers: 9 Effective Ways To Get Your Market To Come To You Online

Online marketing is the best way to attract new customers to your business.

It’s useful for both gaining access to a wider audience and because it works passively.

But if your plan is to make it work for you, you’ll need to learn what to do with it.

You can’t have effective online marketing with a wing and a prayer.

Only by building an effective strategy can you earn quality results.

That’s going to require several different aspects of online marketing to be complete.

Understanding those different elements and how they play into each other and the overall strategy is critical to making them work for you.

Knowing how they look for your brand will also be of intense importance.

Today, we’re going to get into that information for some incredibly effective methods to attract new customers.

You Have To Actively Try To Passively Attract New Customers

You’re capable of using online marketing to attract new customers passively.

It’s one of the core qualities of online marketing that makes it so valuable.

However, it isn’t something that happens automatically.

To enjoy attracting new customers passively you’ll have to build your online marketing efforts with that in mind.

That means you’ll have to continually work on improving and modifying what you’re doing.

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Adaptability is a major element in making strategies like this work.

Effective adaptability is going to require collecting lots of data and listening carefully to your audience’s feedback.

Learning every nuance that makes up your audience’s interest is the only way you’ll know where your strategy needs to grow.

Mastering the process of growth may take work upfront, but over time it will make up for that with longer-lasting, stronger results.

You Can Attract New Customers With Great Online Marketing Strategies

The simple truth about online marketing is that it’s effective.

At least, when it’s done right.

If your strategies aren’t up to par or up to date, you’re not going to get very far.

You’ll need to understand how things change as they change.

Expecting that your strategies won’t have to change over time is asking for failure.

However, the foundations of every strategy will remain the same, as will the reasons you should implement them.

That’s because they’re based on the simple idea of creating value for your target market.

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By founding everything you do to market your business online on that principle, you’re certain to attract new customers.

Any time you feel like you’re not bringing value to the table, reassess what you’re doing to make improvements.

Driving your efforts in that way will constantly force improvement, and you’ll continue to stay effective over the long term.

These tactics are most effective when they’re built with value at the core.

Modernize And Optimize Your Website

If you intend to implement an effective online marketing strategy and attract new customers, you’ll need a starting point.

For every business, the website is it.

Websites are the hub of every element of online marketing.

They’re the place you attract new customers to and they’re the place you guide all your other marketing strategies from.

To make them as effective as possible, they need to be created to support your marketing goals.

There are elements necessary to do the job, as you know, but there are also expectations from your website visitors that need meeting.

And, of course, there are the requirements of Google.

Start with modernization.

Your website needs to reflect a look that doesn’t make your brand outdated.

Avoiding certain features that no longer hold a place on the web, like Flash media or limited page sizes, are critical to creating the right first impression.

Speed is of the essence, and your site should be optimized so it doesn’t slow down the user experience.

But speed optimization isn’t your only need.

You’ve got to ready your site to do its job.

Features that help you collect leads and customers matter.

Landing pages, lead funnels, gated content, and calls-to-action are all factors that matter.

Plus, you’ll need the site to make sense and be easy to use for every visitor.

Because your website is the core element to attract new customers, you need to get it right.

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Create A Blog Strategy

I will tout the importance of a blog until I retire.

If you intend to attract new customers online, especially passively, you’ll need something of true value to attract them with.

With your website at the core of your online marketing, your blog is what links it to the rest of your strategies.

A great blog does four key things for your online marketing strategy.

First, it helps to build trust for your brand.

This is probably the most important thing a blog does.

Now, more than ever, trust has become the critical factor that customers use to decide who they’re going to work with.

Blogs help develop trust by offering real value while asking nothing in return.

They help potential customers see that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re not going to constantly push them towards a sale.

The second thing a blog does is help your audience get to know your company.

Introducing your industry, your brand, your product, and your team are all elements of excellent blog content.

Only an audience that knows who you are can become your client.

Third, your blog helps your audience grow to like you.

Through your content you demonstrate your brand’s personality, helping to form a connection with the reader.

It’s in that connection that positive feelings are formed, and loyalty is born.

Lastly, your blog gives you a platform for solid SEO.

We’ll talk more about SEO later, but most of the things you’ll need to do will happen through a blog.

This massively powerful tool is something you can’t overlook to attract new customers.

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Focus On Trust-Building Content

We just talked about the ways a blog can help you build trust.

One of the biggest factors in that is showing your audience that you’re not only about making a sale.

Your genuine interest in becoming a brand of value is what will work hardest to attract new customers.

There are a lot of blogs out on the web, and more are being created every day.

People who consume it are using it to judge if the brands that created it are trustworthy.

When a brand uses its content to continually push a sale, it decreases trust in them.

71% of consumers don’t trust a brand that doesn’t inform them without promoting something.

And most consumers won’t work with a brand they don’t trust.

That means you need to focus on creating trust with all your content, not just what’s on your blog.

Because content extends to every word you write, record, or speak to communicate to your potential customers.

Potential customers know that you’re a business and that your goal is to sell your product.

It’s no secret.

But when you focus on helping them become more informed about your industry, they know you have nothing to hide.

Assistance helping them find the right product or service in your industry – even when it isn’t yours – won’t be forgotten.

They’ll refer and return to you when they need the right path in the future.

Next time it will likely be with you.

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Build A Strong Social Media Presence

Everyone is on social media in today’s world.

If you still believe there is a platform you can’t reach the right audience on, you haven’t been paying attention.

People have begun to explore every platform, both personally and for their business needs.

With that in mind, you’ve got to build a social media presence that fits your brand and attracts new customers.

To do that well, you’ll need to put a big effort in two major ways.

Before you begin making content for social media, you’ve got to know where you’ll be placing that content.

Each platform has its own unique content format that helps improve your results.

Mastering those formats and where they belong will be crucial to your ability to attract new customers.

But you’ll likely not be capable of tackling all of it at once.

Start by selecting a handful of platforms to build on.

Facebook and Instagram are nearly necessary at this point, as is LinkedIn if you have any interest in B2B relationships.

That starting point is critical to the second way you’ll need to work, which is the content creation process.

Once you know where your content is going, you can decide what to put out there.

It’s easiest to start with the same core content and adapt it to each platform you’re building on.

What works on Facebook won’t have the same impact on Instagram, and the content you produce for LinkedIn won’t look the same as what you produce on TikTok.

By learning what to produce and where to produce it, you’ll start to attract new customers from your social channels.

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Offer Exclusive Discounts And Offers

Exclusivity is huge for people.

When people get the opportunity to have something that others can’t, they often take it out of principle.

Take Disney’s Club 33.

It’s now less of a secret than it used to be, but it’s no less exclusive.

And it’s led to the club having a 14-year waiting list for new members.

While you’re not looking for a 4-year waiting list, you are looking to attract new customers.

Putting exclusivity to work through the form of discounts and offers is an excellent way to do that.

Creating a select way for your audience – your potential customers – to save money on the products you offer, doesn’t take too much effort.

Using social media elements, like Facebook groups, or special email lists, you can offer your audience select promotions they won’t find in other places.

However, it’s critical that you hold to this.

If you’re offering the same special on Facebook that you do through your email list, you’ll begin to break trust.

The word “exclusive” shouldn’t be used unless you’re going to honor it.

Additionally, it’s helpful to offer specials that relate to the platform they’re receiving them on.

This gives your audience an incentive to receive communications from your brand on multiple channels.

Which is exactly why you’re making these offers.

Each time someone signs up for your offers, you’re getting the chance to communicate with them more.

Those communications should all include content that nurtures them towards becoming a client.

Attracting new leads through exclusive discounts ultimately attracts new customers.

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Publish on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful platform to develop a reputation in the business world.

The platform is focused primarily on the professional rather than the company.

It’s a great place to help reinforce that your brand is trustworthy.

And, even if you don’t require B2B relationships, developing your personal brand there will benefit everything your business does.

To do that, you need to focus on LinkedIn articles.

Articles on LinkedIn are like the articles you’d post on your blog.

However, you get the added benefit of LinkedIn’s powerful trust rating when people search for your topic on Google.

You also get to use it to build awesome backlinks for your site, which adds to your SEO efforts.

As a platform, LinkedIn is catered towards attracting new customers for B2B industries.

But learning to use it correctly to build your personal brand can help your B2C business attract new customers as well.

Professional insight is a powerful tool for earning customers.

The knowledge that you share about your industry proves to potential customers that you know what you’re doing.

That knowledge is a selling point, as most people prefer to work with experience, no matter the industry.

Understand that LinkedIn is becoming the next important social media platform.

Producing content there is a free-for-all, much like Facebook was in 2012.

Unencumbered by algorithms that work against you, LinkedIn is the next frontier for developing your brand and attracting new customers.

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Create Product Demonstration Videos

Video marketing is a massively powerful way to attract new customers from the web.

As attention-catching as it is diverse, people are far more likely to consume a video than they will text.

It’s no wonder, then, why so many brands are finding success with it.

While there are tons of ways to take advantage of video, one of the simplest is also a great way to attract new customers.

How-to videos help to alleviate people’s fears over becoming your customer.

When people understand how your product works, how the purchase process occurs, and how the product fits into their life and solves their problems, their anxiety over making the right choice is reduced.

And, while it’s perfectly reasonable to explain all of this to them through text, it’s far more effective to show them through video.

Demonstration videos are simple to make and require little editing, which is what makes them so appealing.

They fit nicely into any arena of video marketing, and they can be easily adapted for multiple platforms.

A video format of understated ability, how-to videos are a simple solution to attract new customers effectively.

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Invest In Quality SEO

Search engine optimization has been mentioned a few times already in the strategies I’ve covered.

That’s because it’s an everchanging process that needs to be included in any efforts that revolve around your website.

SEO is the process of assuring your website gets found and positively ranked by Google and other search engines.

It’s nearly impossible to do any sort of website-based marketing without impacting your SEO.

However, there is a large portion of SEO that has zero impact on your other website-based marketing efforts.

Factors like meta-descriptions, keyword density, and image attributes won’t change your other marketing efforts.

Neither will backlinks, SSL certificates, responsive design, or schema markups.

These things are primarily behind-the-scenes, unnoticed by the average site visitor.

But they all impact your search engine results page rank.

If you don’t put effort into improving your SERP rank, you won’t attract new customers from the best source out there: search.

People searching for topics that your website covers are strongly qualified to become your customers.

They’re looking for the answers and solutions that you can provide them.

Likely in the early phases of the buying cycle, you want them to find you and answer their initial questions from your content so you can earn their trust early.

To attract new customers like this, you’ll need to make sure search engines are working in your favor.

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Collaborate With Other Businesses

Just like you, there are businesses around you that are looking to attract new customers.

Many of them have clients that would benefit from your services.

Chances are, you have clients that would benefit from these other businesses as well.

It seems like there might be some mutual benefit.

Collaborations with other brands are excellent at exposing you to other audiences without spending additional money.

Because each business receives new traffic, leads, and sales as a result of effective collaboration, there is no need to pay each other for extra advertising.

Businesses tend to have fantastic resources to help one another as well.

Unlike influencer marketing, business collaboration has access to more than just a social network.

Email lists, website visitors, blog subscribers, and existing clients can all help drive new customers to their partner business.

Creating collaborative social media posts is the first, most obvious choice.

Aside from creating collaborative social media posts (where each brand might have a feature in the content), consider the other ways you can collaborate.

Think about the benefits of guest posting to their blog, for example.

Or you could create a special offer just for your partner brand’s audiences.

Combining several options can be even more effective.

Assure that each business is getting a benefit and you can help each other attract new customers.

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Attract New Customers By Building Broad Appeal

The whole idea behind all the online work is to develop your brand’s appeal.

New customers will always do business with the brand that appeals most to them.

When you can master the ways to attract new customers and make them the core parts of your marketing strategies, you’ll find greater ease in every other effort you give.

You’ll find the freedom of growing your business passively.

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Attract New Customers: 9 Effective Ways To Get Your Market To Come To You Online

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