Avoiding the Cramps

Apparently, in Europe, there is a little bit of racism on the soccer field. It seems that it’s a common thing to throw a banana at dark-skinned players, implying that they are monkeys. It doesn’t seem to be an insult reserved for a specific ethnicity, as Dani Alves, a Brazilian player for FC Barcelona, was at the brunt of this insult at a recent match against CF Spain. He was setting up for a corner kick when a banana, thrown by a fan, landed on the field in front of him. Instead of getting mad, he took the banana, peeled it, and took a bite, tweeting later that his dad told him to eat bananas to avoid getting cramped. Here’s the clip.

What’s interesting here is that this could have been a major distraction from the game, causing him to miss his corner kick. He could have allowed it to get to him so much that he could have lost the game for the team. Instead, FC Barcelona won 2-1, and Dani played like a champ. Why? Well, he made sure to avoid the cramps. He ate the banana and continued with the game. Not only did he add potassium to his diet to help avoid physical cramping, but he stayed focused on his intentions, thus avoiding the mental cramps – namely the heckler that threw the banana in the first place.

There are going to be people that try to cause mental cramps in your life. They’re the dream-killers, the naysayers, the disbelievers, and the people that simply want to make sure you don’t ever do better than they have. By pulling you down, they believe that they will look better. You’ve got to identify them early and make sure to top off on your mental potassium before encountering them. Stay focused, and never let anyone kill your dreams.

Let us know some of the ways you stay focused on your goals and avoid the mental cramps in the comments below.

Image modified from “Banana” By Justus Blümer from Deutschland (BananeUploaded by Common Good) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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