The Most Awkward Contract Ever

Awkward is always a fun topic, isn’t it? Who doesn’t like to hear about someone else’s uncomfortable situations? Stories about breaking wind at the wrong time or being rejected by someone who caught your eye always seem to be a hit. Today, I want to share another awkward situation; the time I got hired to build an adult entertainment site.

I’ve tried to avoid adult website contracts since I entered this business. It’s sort of a niche that a web designer can get stuck in, eventually making up the bulk of his portfolio. It’s not the sort of reputation I’ve ever been interested in. There was, however, a client many years ago that offered enough money at the right time, and I accepted the contract. It was an adult camera-to-camera site. The idea was instead of watching professional camera models or adult industry stars, one could mutually view another person and…er…enjoy(?) some…uh…adult time. Even talking about it is awkward…

In fact, I’m not sure what was more awkward: spending the next few months discussing copious amounts of pornography marketing with my partner and my client, or coming home and explaining to my wife that I’d be dealing with copious amounts of pornography and possibly having to be present during pornographic photo shoots. I’ve got to say, nothing about this contract was easy. And, I’m somewhat grateful to say, the client never followed through, so the site never got completed. Better not to have that sort of thing inevitably attached to me. Just for kicks, though, here’s a censored shot of the banner, just so you have an idea of what we were working with.

Adult Cam Society

It was something different for me, to be sure, and it isn’t something I think I’ll be stepping into again any time soon. Share some stories of your most awkward clients, contracts, and situations in the comments, and have an awesome Thursday!

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