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I’ve been waiting to share this with you. This past weekend, I spent my time at a Christian men’s retreat called Cursillo. It’s a Spanish word meaning short course, and it focuses on teaching men (and women, at the women’s Cursillo) to be better Christian leaders. Now, fear not, I am not going to spend my article trying to convince you to become a Christian. That’s not my style*.

I’m bringing this up because of a talk I heard. It applies not only to Christians, but to everyone who values leadership and wants to grow their own leadership potential. It was entitled “Leadership” (surprise!). The talk contained most of the basic principals of leadership that we’re all familiar with: lead by example, have patience, maintain perseverance, display self control. It also contained an angle that I’ve never thought about, and had never been introduced to me.

You are a leader in every situation that you are using your skills, talents, and abilities. Period. To quote Keanu Reeves as Neo in The Matrix, “Whoa.” That was sort of a big revelation to me. Let me explain.


– Keanu Reeves as Neo, The Matrix

I had always been taught that leadership was about influence. As a result, I only took leadership as any situation where you were being “looked up to”, where someone was learning from you and looking to you to help guide them. This idea limited my brain to a false understanding that I would always be aware of a leadership “moment”, which was a grand opportunity to change someone’s life. However, I use my talents far more often than just in these “leadership situations”. That’s when it occurred to me that leadership situations are at every moment of every day, and that you won’t always be aware of the change you bring to someone else’s life. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a leadership moment.

In being yourself, you are being a leader. Every person in every action is leading someone, and that got me thinking; where am I leading the people who are watching me? Being a leader means being you. Self improve to be the best you that you can be. In the video below, Drew Dudley agrees, and recounts a story of every day leadership. In one small moment of being himself, he changed the course of two other people’s lives in the most dramatic and humorous way possible. Watch it, and don’t forget that you’re leading the way for someone.

No, this isn’t the talk I heard at Cursillo.

If you are interested in a Cursillo weekend, please find more information here, and don’t hesitate to email me about it.

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