Why Blog Content is Hotter than Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence at the premiere for A Beautiful Planet

Ok, I admit the title was risky, and there are few things hotter than JLaw. But before you dismiss this as utter rubbish, give me a chance to argue my case that blog content is hotter.

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most attractive, talented, and sought after female movie stars in the industry today. Every time I turn around, it seems like she’s in another movie. And, with an almost calculated certainty, that movie is going to do well in the box office. She’s the attraction that everyone is coming to see, and movie producers know it.

Apparently, JLaw and blog content are worth more than their weight in gold.

She’s Hollywood’s main content.

But, you see, Jennifer Lawrence isn’t selling your product. That is, unless you’re doing incredibly well and have a huge budget to pay for celebrity endorsement from the highest paid female actor in the world. Even if that is you, you’re going to want to pay attention, because there is something people look for and crave more than great movies and attractive actors. They’re looking for great blog content.

People Have Questions

More than a craving for great entertainment, people are looking for answers about the products or services you offer. Every day, people are looking for solutions to their problems, cures for their pain points, and the next great thing to show up the Joneses with.

Blog content is exactly what they’re looking for.

In fact, Google searches for Jennifer Lawrence and “JLaw” in 2016 didn’t even make the rankings, while terms like “Pokémon Go” and “iPhone 7” were the top two globally. Categorically, people had more questions about these and other products than they did about when a JLaw movie was coming out (she had 2 in 2016). Even questions about other movies surpassed Jennifer Lawrence’s in the top 10.

Blog Content Is The Key

So, besides the fact that people crave content more than a great Jennifer Lawrence movie, there’s more to this. What we’re really talking about is how to make your site easy to find on Google and other search engines. We’re talking about providing answers to the questions people are looking for. We’re talking about SEO.

Blog content is exactly what your SEO “guy” is likely missing.

Blog content is exactly what your SEO “guy” is likely missing. While he might be getting great back links, stuffing a ton of keywords in to your site, and even using the best possible semantic markup, what he’s probably not doing is creating relevant and interesting content to keep people engaged with your site.

Blog Content Has A Supporting Cast

Like a musical, blog content requires support.

That might be a weird statement, but just like Jennifer Lawrence can’t do a movie solo, neither can your blog content do a great job at delivering SEO rankings without a little help. Google is checking for 3 things (beyond the keywords).

  1. Content – Google’s primary goal is to deliver relevant search results. Content helps them determine if your site is relevant.
  2. Trust – Google isn’t going to share anything it doesn’t trust. Sites have to be real, accurate, and safe to rank high.
  3. Age – Unfortunately, we’re not talking about how old your site is. Google wants to have known about you for a long time, so when they found your site plays in to their trust.

Thankfully, this all results in a pretty straightforward strategy for your SEO. Create good, interesting, trustworthy blog content. Make sure Google knows about you by submitting your site as soon as it’s live. Make sure you give visitors a reason to stay, and a great reason to come back.

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Why Blog Content is Hotter than Jennifer Lawrence

by Michael McNew Read in 2 min