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I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with the level of importance people put on SEO. Ok, maybe this sounds a bit like I’m complaining, but I’m also fed up with Facebook likes or Twitter followers being a badge of honor in my industry. There is far too much value placed on those numbers alone, leaving small business owners far too focused on the wrong numbers. Don’t get me wrong, they’re important, but only in the right context.

SEO, likes, followers, blog readers, and LinkedIn connections are great things for a business to gather. They are a critical part of developing great brand recognition, as well as grooming a future customer base. However, your likes and follows don’t mean very much if you haven’t figured out how to convert them to paying customers. How good are 1,000 likes if not one of them has ever given you one of their hard earned dollars, or sent a referral your way? What use are your 12,000 Twitter followers if they have resulted in $0 gross revenue?

I don’t care much for Best Practice – I care about conversions. That’s why I test.”

– Michael Aagaard,

They aren’t a single bit of good, and I don’t mind being the one to say it bluntly. You spend countless hours and dollars trying to build a social media fan base. If it doesn’t provide any income, it’s what they call a bad investment. But what do we do about it?

First, we start focusing on the buzzword that matters: conversion. It’s time you started gathering information on your target demographic. Find out the sort of stuff that makes them want to spend money on your company. Then, begin to produce that sort of content. Eventually, all of those likes and followers you spent so much time amassing will become satisfied customers, and provide a return that makes the investment all worth it. Adam Stetzer, president and co-founder of HubShout, agrees. He contributed his advice to, letting small business owners know that they should avoid the SEO hype and focus on ROI. This read is definitely a worthwile time investment.

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