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First, I want to apologize for the missing articles. We’re preparing for a big Thanksgiving week that will culminate on Small Business Saturday, November 30th. There are quite a few things going on, so the articles have slipped through the cracks. And, as an advanced warning, there will be no articles next week as a result of the hectic week, as well as my need to refill my brain so I can offer more to you.

Ok, now that I got that all out…

Have you ever considered where you would be if you had no idea what your customers wanted or why they wanted it? The funny thing is, this seems to be a running theme for many a small business owner, entrepreneur, inventor, and sales person. We have a tendency to get wrapped up in our world of product development, business function, and endless meetings (which you know I hate), and in the process we lose track of the most important feedback loop around: the customer.

We’re not alone. It seems like companies have gotten so far into developing products they would buy (like Apple’s philosophy once was) that they forget that these products have to appeal to the consumer within their target demographic. How many times have you heard seemingly everyone complain about the latest [insert your favorite product here] feature? If the complaints are as broad as they feel, don’t you think it would behoove (word of the day toilet paper) the company in question to listen to that feedback and respond to it in some way?

And what about you? Are you paying attention to your customers’ feedback? Are you responding with a solution? Do they know? Facebook has seemingly taken a huge step in that direction, especially since they’re known for completely ignoring the feedback. Neil Parker, vice president of product marketing at Vision Critical, offers his take on Facebook’s new 10,000 person feedback panel. Have a read and find out the importance of a data source that can explain why people buy, or don’t buy, from you.

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