Decision 2014

I swear this has nothing to do with this year’s senatorial elections, although I may decide to touch on it when the date approaches.

No, today I shall discuss with you what everyone from Sir Richard Branson of Virgin to Forbes Magazine is calling the Year of the Entrepreneur. Sounds fancy, right? It also sounds pretty exciting to a guy like me. No, it isn’t because I’m in the business of small business development solutions, but because I understand that economic growth in this company comes from small business. Job creation, community support, and individual success are all derived from the formation and expansion of small business.

It’s an exciting time for opportunities in this country. And, despite what economists will tell you, we’re making our way out of the recession at a surprisingly positive rate. It may not seem that way if you watch the news, but there are far more people finding ways to make money (outside of a job) and having success at it than the reported unemployment rate may suggest.

What that means to you is that there is a decision to make. Hence the title of the article. What are you going to do in 2014? Will you decide to break away from employment (existing or future) and start your own company, freeing up room for someone else to get a job and making a space for more job creation? Or will you take advantage of those who found companies and find employment in one of those newly opened positions they used to occupy, or even within the brand new companies, becoming an invaluable member of the team that helps their company to expand to success?

I know, exciting right?

CNBC (this is the second time I’ve gone to the mainstream media – weird) reports that nearly half of the country sees the opportunity in entrepreneurialism. What do you see for yourself this year? Either way, the future is abundant with opportunity.

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