Are You The Go-To?

I’ve been the go-to-guy at just about every job I’ve ever had (except Target as they failed to see my potential). It’s gotten me more credibility with my employers than even the quality of my work has – and that already does well!

Now, as I work at growing my company, I find myself in the position of go-to-guy for my clients. It’s something I rather like doing, but I can see that it won’t be sustainable over the long-term. At some point, I’m going to have to have a team with an appointed go-to-person for each of my clients. It will be an interesting transition, but it’s one that excites me.

What about you? Are you the go-to-person in your company? Or are you the one that has the fortune of having a great go-to? Maybe you get to be both, who knows?

Being the go-to is a great way to gain credibility and advance in your career. But there is a downside too. If you don’t follow the rules below, being the go-to can wind up leaving you feeling burned out and keeping you stuck at the same level. Ready?

  1. Don’t take on more than you can handle at once. By keeping your projects under control, you’ll turn out higher quality results and have fewer things fall through the cracks, thus maintaining your reputation.
  2. Remember to ask for what you want. If you’ve been doing a great job tackling the tough tasks for your employer or client, you deserve some sort of reward. Asking for a raise, a promotion, or even just a little time off for R&R shouldn’t be a problem. If it is, maybe you don’t need to keep being the go-to.
  3. Pay attention to the level your on. At some point, like my future holds, you won’t be able to keep being the go-to. The projects and tasks will simply be too great for one person to take on and handle. Build a team of great people and transform from the go-to-person to the go-to-team, lead by you.

Here’s a tip from motivational speaker and leadership trainer Scott Eblin about how the go-to-person effects leadership.

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