Evolution of the Tie Man

It’s Throwback Thursday again, and this time I want to talk a little about our mascot. We like to call him the “Tie Man”, as that’s the most striking feature about him. He’s there on the home page, to the right, green tie and all, and he’s been a part of our look since we began. However, he wasn’t always known as the “Tie Man”. He used to be known as the “Business Wolf”.

When we started Visceral Concepts, our original tagline was Perfection Is Our Instinct, and we built our brand around the focus of instinct. We felt the best way to represent that was through the use of the wolf, an animal frequently associated with the idea of instinct and an animal that I, in my nerdy way, identify with (which is a whole other story on its own). The “Business Wolf” was the first idea that sprung from that, and it evolved to a site filled with wolf imagery. Have a look at the original mascot.

As you can see, our color sense was less educated back then. The entire site was done in black with red and white lettering, which made it very uncomfortable to read, especially at the 12 point font (this site is at 14 point). Also, according to the feedback we gathered later, the wolf and images of me with red eyes scared people, even though the nerd in me thought it was awesome. It’s amazing how much trouble a branding company can have creating a good brand for itself, isn’t it?

Using our better judgement, first we changed colors. When we were ready to re-brand the site, our first concept (that never saw the light of day) was a lighter, bluer mascot. You’ll now be the first to see it.

While we realized that we needed a lighter background and a color scheme that wasn’t black and red, we weren’t ready to give up the instinct branding yet. The wolf stayed in the ideas until we hit on green. We decided to eliminate the wolf, even though we stuck with the same tag line. That brings us to our “Tie Man” on the front page. He’s got the same seriousness, the same attitude, but he lacks the K-9 companion that he used to have, and has become a little more friendly in the process.

What do you think? Have you enjoyed this stroll down memory lane with us? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and have an awesome Thursday!

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