What Exactly Does Visceral Concepts Do?

We help small businesses with brand and reputation building and management.

What sounds like a simple idea, however, is really a complex network of areas that need built, developed, strengthened, streamlined, and simplified so that a company can maintain a high quality reputation.

We have renamed the linked concepts of brand and reputation into a unified idea: image. We feel that this embodies the core ideas represented by brand and reputation. Brand is the visual representation of a company. People become strongly tied to a brand and associate it with a “look”. Behind that look is the reputation, or the emotional reaction generated in association with the brand. It’s the way people feel about what the brand is and what it does for them.

Because these two ideas are so closely related, we felt it didn’t make sense to only deal with one of them. It felt like walking with a weight tied to one ankle. We also realized that managing them dealt with more than one area that we could serve. Your logo and brochures are only a part of this concept of image.

As a result, we developed a series of services that cater to the customer experience with your brand. We think of it in these three clichés: Look the part, talk the talk, walk the walk. I never like resorting to cliché, but in this case, they’re fitting.

Looking the part is all of the services that encompass traditional branding. Graphic design, logo development, print material, website design, and all of the other visual elements about your company. It’s the foundational part of image building.

Talking the talk is simply the marketing aspect. We make sure that your advertisements are saying the right things to the right people so that your brand can be introduced in the right light.

Walking the walk is backing up everything that the look and talk presented by creating a perfectly matched customer experience. We take all of the personality developed in the branding and marketing and turn it in to policies that govern the entire process of client interaction.

For the month of April we will be running our 30 Days of Answers series, where we answer 30 of the biggest questions people have for us before they do business with us. Tomorrow we’ll have another question and answer. See you then!

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Michael McNew
Web developer, marketing innovator, technology enthusiast, and founder of Visceral Concepts, Michael McNew has developed a passion for delivering value to small business, turning his creativity towards image and reputation building for small business owners.