Food For Thought – 13 Tips To Get Mentally Tough

Mental toughness is indeed one of the most important things a person must have in order to be successful at anything. There will be challenges, setbacks, failures, and a whole laundry list of excuses to give up, procrastinate, or quit every single day. Without mental toughness, most people simply fold. However, mental toughness is a trait that can be built. Here’s a list of things you can do to build that toughness.

  1. Take Responsibility For Your Life To be mentally tough means that you don’t have time for self pity or a victim mentality. Instead, you’ve got to expend your mental output focused on what you can do to make your situation what you want it to be. Life isn’t always easy or fair, so the mentally tough know how to move the odds in their favor.
  2. Own Your Emotions The mentally tough understand that nobody can make them feel a certain way. It’s their own perception of the situation that creates their emotions. Once you recognize this, choosing an empowering response to a situation becomes second nature.
  3. Embrace Change Change will happen whether you want it to or not. Children grow, people move on, and economies shift. The universe is in a constant state of entropy. For success to happen, change must happen. The mentally tough accept this as a positive in their lives and ready themselves to adapt accordingly.
  4. Recognize What Is Really Under Your Control Don’t waste time complaining about circumstances outside of your control. Traffic jams and flight delays are outside of your control, so there is no sense wasting any energy on them. Instead, realize that the only things you control are your actions and your attitude. Use them to your benefit.
  5. Live In The Moment For The Future No amount of regret will change the past. Stop spending your mental energy on past circumstances and mistakes. You are where you are, and the only thing you can do is move forward from there. Make decisions in the now that will point you at the future you want.
  6. Share The Joy In The Success Of Others Success comes with hard work. In the mean time, others will most likely surpass you on the road. Instead of feeling envy or anger, share in their joy and learn from their efforts. Their success can only hurt you or help you if you let it.
  7. Fail Until You Succeed The mentally tough never give up. They treat each failure as a learning opportunity, then they try again. In the words of the immortal Babe Ruth, “You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.”
  8. Take More Risk Risk is required for a reward. However, those who are mentally tough are also not foolish. Calculated risks can often provide incredible rewards while allowing you to mitigate some of the risk, allowing a greater chance of success.
  9. Learn From Your Mistakes They say that it’s only a mistake if you didn’t learn from it. Life is full of choices, and sometimes you’ll make one that leads to an undesired result. Learn where you went wrong so you can make a better choice in the future. Some people are a success simply because they never made the same mistake twice.
  10. Embrace Times Of Silence You may not like alone time, but imagine what you can get done without interruptions. When it’s silent, you can hear your thoughts better. Use these moments to be productive and advance your life towards your goals and your fears will dissolve.
  11. Stop Being A People Pleaser Goals are not met by trying to make everyone else happy all the time. It’s ok to let people know that you can’t help sometimes. Speak up about what you need and say “no” when you need to. Once you’ve reached your goals, they won’t be upset any more.
  12. Remember That You Owe The World The mentally tough realize that the world was here first and therefore owes them nothing. They purposefully take the stance that they owe the world and strive every day to benefit it long term. They seek opportunities that will mesh well with their skills and deliver results that benefit the world.
  13. Understand That Real Results Take Time Instant payoff can’t be a part of your expectations. Whether you’re building a business or getting in shape, great results require time and tons of effort. The mentally tough are willing to sustain effort for exaggerated periods of time before they see results.

If we’ve missed anything that you feel should be on this list, let us know in the comments!

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