Food for Thought: Stop Dropping the F-Bomb

There is a nasty little four letter word that seems to be polluting our conversations nowadays. It’s one of the most uneducated and vile words that penetrates almost every conversation. It’s even been made into an acronym that, when used, reveals even more of the word’s ugliness. Of course you know I’m talking about the word fine.

Fine is one of those words that ads nothing to the conversation. “How are you doing today?” “Oh, I’m fine.” What does that even mean? It’s certainly not honest. Whether you’re doing awesome or you’re feeling terrible, say so. As Mel Robbins points out in her awesome TEDxSF talk, it’s especially important to tell yourself how you really feel. Have a watch and find out the disgusting nature of the word fine. It’s a longer talk at just over 20 minutes, so I’ll end here. Leave your thoughts in the comments for us, and have an awesome day!

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