Grow Website Traffic: How To Get More Website Visitors With These Easy Content Tips

The number one concern in marketing going forward is going to be how to grow website traffic.

I’m calling it now.

Your ability as a small business to produce unfiltered content that’s not confined to the restrictions of a platform is going to change the way your audience connects with your brand.

That’s the biggest benefit of producing great content on your website.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to grow website traffic.

For many small business owners, it’s a little foreign.

But fear not.

With a little time and patience, you can learn to grow website traffic and build that connection.

It’s going to be a little technical, but it’s easy to handle once you understand it.

If you’re ready, I’ve got some tips that will help you grow website traffic like crazy.

You’re Not Going To Grow Website Traffic If You Try To Cheat

There is a lot of information out there to help you grow website traffic.

All kinds of tips and tricks promise fast results and explosive growth.

While some of them might help over the short term, you can’t grow website traffic quickly.

It’s something that happens over time.

Usually, when you try to bypass the time factor and get huge results immediately, you’re doing something that’s going to damage your results over the long run.

Although those short-term results might be tempting, the damage is often not worth it.

You can’t easily overcome the ramifications of tactics that are the equivalent of cheating.

By avoiding the temptation for fast results, you can earn the kind of long-term growth that will help sustain your business.

You’ll experience no spike-and-lulls that frustrate you.

Just consistent, genuine growth that will help you build your brand.

It’s Easy To Grow Website Traffic The Right Way

If you’re willing to exhibit a little bit of patience, you can do some easy things to grow website traffic.

It shouldn’t surprise you that these tips are something that most small business owners can handle.

That’s what we’re all about.

By applying the tips I’m about to share with you, you can create a situation that cultivates a sustainable method to grow website traffic.

There are no tricks here.

These tips are proven, solid, industry-standard ideas that you can apply with confidence.

I’ve also made them as simple to understand as possible.

And, since they’re quick to learn, it won’t take you too much time to start benefitting from them.

When you’re ready, here’s what to do.

Great Keywords Are Great To Grow Website Traffic

Keyword research is a critical step to grow website traffic.

While it’s not the only way to determine what content to create, it is one of the fastest ways to decide.

By summarizing what you do, then finding all the related keywords, you can identify things that your potential audience might be searching for.

Using the tools available from Google, you can see which keywords are highly searched but not competitive to rank for.

These keywords become the foundational list that you’ll create content for as they’ve got better odds of helping you grow website traffic.

Producing content around a great keyword has two traffic benefits.

  1. You’re building a fantastic foundation for great SEO-based content.
  2. Creating content around a topic that’s highly searched for means you’re creating content that your target audience needs.

With both benefits, the time you spend on content based on a keyword is not wasted.

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SEO Is Made To Grow Website Traffic

If you’ve started your content with a keyword, this next step is going to be easy.

The most obvious tip to help grow website traffic is to optimize your content.

On-page SEO is the single most powerful thing you can control that will impact your visitor count.

Besides the quality of your content.

By making sure your content has all the elements that Google and other search engines look for, you help assure that your audience will find it when they search.

Remember that search engines won’t see your content as we do.

They only see the code, and that impacts what they’re looking for.

It’s your job to make sure your page has the right stuff.

What does that look like?

Well, you’re mostly concerned with a few, up-front items.

These include:

  • Keyword density – you’re looking to make sure your keyword gets used often in a natural way, but not overused.
  • Headers – each section of your content needs header formatting, using H2 through H6 depending on the level of importance.
  • External links – your content should link to reference material to prove the information you’re giving your audience is credible.
  • Internal links – each article you produce should become a part of a website hierarchy that lets search engines know how credible your overall site is.
  • Image titles – the title of your image will help rank it in image searches as well and should contain the keyword you’re focused on.
  • Title – the title of your content should contain the keyword, preferably at the beginning.

Beyond these, there are a few technical items you can tackle.

Though they require some advanced skill, most blog platforms allow you to change them without a need to understand code.

If you focus on this list, however, you’ll grow website traffic for sure.

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Amazing Images Grow Website Traffic

Since we brought up images, we ought to talk about their impact.

Images make a huge difference in whether people come to your content.

This is especially true when you grow website traffic from social media.

The images you choose are the first thing that will catch your audience’s eye.

They’re what get them to stop their social scroll and what grabs their attention when they first come to your site.

“Important” might be an understatement.

You need to make sure you’re adding images to your content that captivate your audience.

Images get people's attention better than words do. Click To Tweet

Visually stunning or intriguing images can create an instant draw.

Infographics and charts display data that plays on your audience’s curiosity.

And faces, used correctly, can direct your audience to the content you need them looking at.

Remembering that traffic only begins with the number of people who land on your site, you’ll need great imagery to get them to stay.

Bounces don’t give you any of the benefits you’re looking for from your traffic.

Getting people to stay once they’ve arrived is critical if you want it to matter.

Otherwise, why grow website traffic at all?

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Social Media Is A Great Place To Grow Website Traffic

It’s like every tip leads to the next.

That’s part of what makes this so easy.

Great imagery is a part of what helps you grow website traffic from social media.

But that only helps if you master social media.

Problematically, far too many small business owners don’t think social media is a great place to grow website traffic.

There’s a false belief that they won’t find their audience browsing Facebook or Instagram.

However, people spend an average of 2.5 hours per day on social networks.

Chances are your audience will be perusing one of those sites.

Your job is to understand which one and how to connect with them there.

Don’t fall prey to the nature of the network, though.

Many executives don’t spend their time cruising LinkedIn.

And TikTok isn’t just made up of 13-year-olds doing hashtag challenges.

So, rather than sit and think about where your audience might be, you need to research where they are.

Once you have, you’ll produce content that fulfills the reason they spend time on that network while still informing them about your industry, brand, and product.

Use it to link back to your website.

If they like what you’re doing, they’ll visit.

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Creating Links Helps Grow Website Traffic

Social media is where creating links begins, but it’s not where it ends by far.

When you attempt to grow website traffic through social media, you have a lot of refining to do in the beginning.

It’s impossible to have zeroed in on the ideal audience this early.

Using the right tactics will eventually get you there, but you need qualified traffic before that happens.

You’ll have to build a network of links back to your site that will help prequalify your traffic.

Where better to do that than from within your industry?

Your industry can bring you more traffic whether you realize it or not. Click To Tweet

There are several different methods to create quality links back to your site.

The simplest place to start is by developing relationships with audiences that have already been developed in your industry.

Comment on other content from your competition and your contemporaries.

Prebuilt audiences like this are already interested in your industry.

By developing relationships with them through the comments sections of blogs, you invite them to enjoy your content.

Add value to the conversation first, then invite them to find out more about your viewpoint.

This content marketing tactic is simple enough for anyone and takes little time, but it’s often overlooked.

Eventually, through those comments, you’ll develop relationships with the content creators.

Through those relationships, you’ll earn opportunities for guest blogging and its benefits.

Slowly, as you become a recognized name, you’ll find yourself fielding interviews as an authority in your industry.

All of these create opportunities for further backlinks, building the network to grow website traffic.

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Send Emails To Your List To Grow Website Traffic

As you grow website traffic, you’ll inevitably grow your email list.

With a solid email strategy, you’ll keep in excellent, regular communication with them.

That means you can bring them back to your site for any new content.

Remember that website traffic isn’t just about first-time visitors.

Return visitors are a part of that too.

The more you can get visitors to come back, the more you develop a bond with them.

They begin to respect your knowledge and like your brand.

But it’s not just the return traffic that emails will bring.

Great emails can also bring new traffic.

When you share content with your email list, they will react to it.

Either they will appreciate it, or they won’t.

Those who appreciate it likely know others who will as well.

Including a call-to-action in your emails allows you to ask them to share the email with their colleagues.

Adding a simple set of social share buttons to your email will help them do so easily.

Provided the value you offer them is solid enough, they’ll happily share your content with people they know.

You not only earn return traffic, but you grow website traffic with new visitors as well.

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Shareable Content Can Grow Website Traffic From Website Traffic

There is value everywhere in making your content easy to share.

From emails to your website, share links are a great way to help grow website traffic.

Like I already pointed out, if your audience finds your content valuable, they probably know someone else who will as well.

One of the best things you can do to your content to grow website traffic is making it shareable.

When your content is easy to share, your audience is more likely to do it.

By lowering the steps required, laziness won’t stop them.

I know that’s a major factor for some people.

But it isn’t just the ease of sharing that needs to be improved.

It’s the value of sharing.

What is it that makes your content shareable?

Expecting your audience to share your content just because you asked them to and gave them an easy way is unreasonable.

They need to feel like their friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else they share with will like them better for sharing your content.

Which means your content needs to provide value in a big way.

Be it entertainment, knowledge, or a solution to a problem, if your content gives them something good, they’ll give it to someone else.

If your content makes their reputation suffer, you’ll never get them to share it.

Then they’ll never help you grow website traffic.

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Influencers Are A Good Way To Grow Website Traffic

What if you could borrow a great reputation to grow website traffic?

That’s what you’re asking of your audience when you ask them to share.

But your audience doesn’t necessarily have the vast reach you’re looking for.

You’re going to need someone with a little more influence.

Enter influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is the process of connecting with small-time (and sometimes big-time) celebrities among people in your niche who will market your brand to their audience.

Many smaller influencers, known as micro-influencers, can help you reach several hundred to several thousand people who might otherwise never find your brand.

Often, they’re as willing to work for barter as they are for a fee, depending on what you have to offer.

Even if they only accept payment, their fees usually aren’t outside the average small business marketing budget.

Working with a good influencer allows you to borrow their credibility, as their audience often trusts their recommendations implicitly.

This not only helps you grow website traffic, but it gives you a leg up in your ability to earn them as leads and customers.

A recommendation from an influencer is almost a customer before they come to you.

If you can make this method work for you, it’s a great way to grow website traffic successfully.

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A Unique Title Separates Your Content To Grow Website Traffic

One big reason many businesses can’t grow website traffic is that they look just like everyone else.

Their articles, pages, taglines, and even logo blend in.

Some of these aren’t easy to change quickly.

However, one place you can make a fast change is in your content titles.

And, if your title is unique enough, it can be enough to grow your website traffic.

You should always try to make all your content as unique as possible, but it’s the title your potential audience will see before anything else.

So, if your content is packed with value, a great title should be enough.

But how do you know if your title is unique?

Google is your friend here.

Once you’ve come up with the title you think you’d like to use, search for it on Google.

Surround the title in double quotations.

If Google tells you it found no results for your title and asks you to search without quotes, you’re great.

Or, if a result comes back with your title, refine your title until Google finds no matches.

When it does, you’ve found the title that’s going to help you stand out.

Those unique titles are what catch your audience’s attention as they find you in search results.

They’re how you grow website traffic one more way.

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You Can Grow Website Traffic With A Little Patience And Some Basic Work

Looking over the tips I shared, you can see how easy it can be to grow website traffic.

Yes, it’s going to take work.

No, it won’t happen quickly.

However, the results you’ll earn are long-lasting.

There will be no penalties or negative consequences.

By mastering the methods used for years to grow website traffic, you can take charge of your website and earn back the investment you put into building it.

You can begin to earn leads and sales, even while you sleep.

That’s the real beauty of using honest strategies to grow website traffic.

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Grow Website Traffic: How To Get More Website Visitors With These Easy Content Tips

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