Hacking 2014

Hacking 2014

Bonus points if you can crack the binary!

No, we’re not talking computer crime or the NSA today, kiddies.

Did you know that hacking can make your life much better? No, really! Hacking can make life simpler and easier if you just apply the hacks. What do I mean? I’m not talking cracking codes or pirating software, I’m talking about the ever-growing phenomenon now known as Life Hacking.

The concept behind life hacking is simple: find an easier way to do things and make things better using waaaaay outside of the box thinking. For example, since 2014 is almost upon us, wash all of your laundry. When you hang it in your closet, turn all of your hangers backwards, so the hook hangs down behind the hanger bar. Do this for all of your “normal” clothing (not stuff like formal attire). Now, as you take things down to wear them, fix the hanger. When you re-hang it after washing it, hang it normal, not backwards. Anything that still has the hanger backwards in 12 months can be donated or thrown out, seeing as you haven’t worn it all year.


(lifehack) make one’s day-to-day activities more efficient

Princeton WordNet

It’s tricks like these that can simplify the way you make decisions, get things done, or even survive (your phone can be used as a survival tool in the wild). Here’s another great one: If you’ve got a bunch of cables lying around from phones, cameras, and computers (including extra ethernet and USB cables), fill a box with old toilet paper rolls all facing the opening. Suddenly those rolls become little cable cubbies!

There are tons of other ways to use this sort of ingenuity to simplify your life. In fact, you can check out 1000LifeHacks.com for a new hack every day. You’d be surprised at the things you didn’t know about the world around you. Oh, and next time you go to Starbucks, order a Cap’n Crunch Frappuchino. I swear to you, it’s real!

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