High Security Foolishness: What’s Wrong With Your Password

For today’s Tech Talk we came across this awesome TEDx on password security. It’s sort of a big deal if you deal with any data that matters. This not only includes data that you may handle on your clients, but also data that you may offer companies, like your credit cards and your utilities companies. Strong passwords are key to guaranteeing the security of your data.

Lorrie suggests a number of different methods to create strong passwords that were tested through their different computer testing methods. I like that the primary method of determining a password’s strength was to actually attempt to crack the passwords using some of the most advanced hacking tools available. Their overall results were very, very fascinating, and give a phenomenal insight into what makes a strong password.

I love that she has done all this research, but to me there is one key flaw. She expects that a password should be easy to remember. I contest that you should only have one that is memorable. It should be the one that unlocks a password wallet, which encrypts and stores your passwords so that you can have them “written down” without losing security. I’ve written about strong security before, and suggested some policies on creating strong passwords and keeping them secure. Pay attention to what she has to say, though. It’s still great information.

Oh, and have an awesome weekend!

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