Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions

Christmas cards need to go out soon, don’t they?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we’re all running out of time to send out our annual holiday communications. Those campy little cards that we get from all of our favorite doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, and vendor representatives that say “Thanks for giving us your money, have a Happy Holiday!” (Do they even capitalize the H’s anymore?)

I don’t mean to sound jaded about it, but I think most salespeople and business owners miss a valuable opportunity with this little bit of kitschy, traditional communication. The correspondence I usually get is generic, middle-of-the-road, and designed to be as inoffensive as possible. Quite honestly, it’s a bit stale.

There is an opportunity in this season. It’s an opportunity to wish your clients the best of the season and a year full of blessings. It’s a chance to tell your customers that you’re happy to have them, and not just their money, in your life. It’s a moment that you can stop and let your habitué know that you not only care about them, but that you’re grateful or the opportunity to know them.

This is the time to show people that you are compassionate and caring, and that you aren’t simply a stereotypical salesperson, only concerned about making a buck. Ok, maybe that’s a little extreme and a little hard-lined, but personalization and compassion are things I don’t see enough of in those little cards.

Is it really that hard to remember something amusing about our interaction over the past year?

The annual season’s greetings are both important and valuable, and need to be given the proper care to make sure they’re coming across correctly. Don’t forget, the holidays are, ultimately, about celebrating our humanity and our connection to one another.

Office Max offers some great tips in their Business Resource Center for small businesses to grow. (whodathunkit, right?) They put together this great list of tips for creating fantastic Christmas / Kwanzaa / Chanukah / Holiday greetings that capture the spirit of this time of year.

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