How Do You Define Success?

I got asked an interesting question the other day – what is your definition of success? What was more interesting to me was my impromptu answer.

“Definition of success: finding that place where you’re just as happy doing it for free, but getting paid to none the less, contributing in the world in the way you want, maintaining the sort of relationships with others that are founded on truth and fueled by love, finding the strength to have respect for everyone despite the fact that they ‘don’t deserve it’, and being mentally fit enough to be happy ‘just because’.”

You see, I had never been able to accurately wrap words around my thoughts on success. It’s far to large a concept for a description to be a simple task. I have played with the ideas surrounding my perception of success, and I have tried over and over again to formulate a description, but to no avail.

And then, in that moment, the words came, and they flowed sweet like nectar.

Then it occurred to me: I can’t be the only one that has had this problem. Success has got to be one of the most difficult descriptions to formulate that there is in the secular world.

As usual I’m here to help.

Jeff Haden has a great article over on his LinkedIn about defining success. Read it and ponder it, then come back and post your thoughts in the comments. I look forward to hearing how you define success.

The Best Definition of Success Is the One You Never Use

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