Is Your Website Working For You?

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Websites. The hallmark of a modern business. Without one, you may as well close shop now. They give you credibility, prove you’re really a company, and – most importantly – gather leads.

Your site does gather leads, right?

Don’t panic. If your company is like most, your site isn’t gathering leads the way it should. That’s great for two reasons:

  1. Your competition isn’t likely outpacing you.
  2. No matter how well you’re gaining leads right now, you have room to improve.

Start Where You Are

Something I learned in my early entrepreneurship days applies to just about everything in life. There’s no point in wishing you are somewhere else. Things might be easier if you were more prepared, had more resources, or knew more about what you were trying to do. However, you don’t, so things are what they are.

Website's contact form on a laptop.

That doesn’t mean you need to give up, nor does it mean you can’t get to where you want to be. Take an inventory of what your site is doing, both right and wrong, so you can figure out what needs kept, what needs tweaked, and what needs replaced. That way, when it comes time to make the changes, you’re more prepared with the knowledge you need to make good decisions.

As you take a look at your website, figure out if you have what you need to gather the leads. Start with the end in mind. Does your site have a place for visitors to input their contact information? If so, do they have a reason to give it to you? Do they know why they want to share their details?

Trust Is Key

Look, if your website visitors are going to hand over their email to you, they’ve got to trust you. They’ve got to trust that you know all about what they’re looking for. They’ve got to trust that you’re going to be able to deliver. They’ve really got to trust that you’re not going to hand out their information all over the place.

A combination lock on a laptop representing computer security.

Make sure your site reflects the level of trust they need to feel. Let them know, in very clear terms, that you’re going to keep their details safe and that you can answer all the questions they have. They must never feel like their being deceived in any way, and they’ve got to see that you’re dependable.

Once you’ve earned their trust, they will be way more willing to share their details.

Have Something To Offer

Would you ever trade away your contact information to someone just because they asked for it? I wouldn’t either.

Your site visitors want something from your site. They mostly want to know what your company offers. They want to know what it costs. They want to know if it will ease their pain point. Give them the answers they’re looking for.

Can you solve one of their problems without charging them a dime more than their email address?

Can you solve one of their problems without charging them a dime more than their email address? Great! Do that, then. How-tos, eBooks, swipe files, and other bits of free, digital information ease their mind about giving you their email address. The more help you can afford to give, the better they feel about the exchange.

Don’t Let Them Leave

The most important part about your website is the lead capture. Exhaust every reasonable effort to get the visitor’s information. Don’t let anybody leave your site without offering them a good reason to trade. Remember, everyone that visits and leaves without giving you their email is another opportunity you let slip thought your fingers.

Evaluate your website. Find its shortcomings and fix them. Start improving your lead capture right away. It could make the difference you’re looking for.

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Is Your Website Working For You?

by Michael McNew Read in 3 min