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With the recent 34 second victory by knockout in UFC 190, everyone has Ronda Rousey on the brain. It’s reasonable, considering the fact that she’s possibly the biggest athlete the sport has. However, have you stopped to consider why Rousey’s fight with Correia was booked as the main event, or why the sport continues to gain traction year after year? That’s because the organization is headed by the sport’s biggest fan. Here’s why you need to learn from Dana White.

Dana white is the mastermind behind the UFC’s 14 year increase in popularity. When White was installed as president of the UFC, the fights weren’t even allowed on Pay-Per-View. They were considered too brutal and extreme for the same service that hosts so much adult-oriented content. White set out to change that. He implemented rule changes, added weight classes, and removed some of the more brutal elements of the sport. He made it his mission to clean up the organization’s image and bring it to the mainstream. His success, more than anything, is due to his fandom. He’s a huge fan of the sport and gets genuinely excited at a good fight.

In fact, it’s not just his excitement for the sport. He truly is just like his clients, the fans. He talks like them, he analyzes like the fans, and he’s gritty like the fans (don’t take offense if you’re a fan). Broken down, Dana uses the same language that the fans use. He doesn’t censor himself when he’s excited and he’s dropped more than one f-bomb during interviews. He picks apart fights with the passion of someone who was one of the earliest fans. Indeed, he’s been in the sport as the manager for both Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell. And when I say he’s gritty like the fans, I mean that he doesn’t have a problem embodying the same personality as the fighters; tough, confident, and willing to call out anyone he feels deserves it. His connection to his clients makes the sport excel.

It’s the same for any business. If you make it a point to be just like your clients in behavior, interests, and language, then you will grow your business considerably faster. That connection – that feeling that you’re just like them – will lead them to you instead of your competition time and time again.

That’s it for today. We’d love for you to weigh in on Dana White and the UFC organization. Make sure you share this with your friends. Have an awesome Tuesday, and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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