Leading like a Jedi – Belief Creates Success

Luke watched in complete disbelief as Master Yoda did what he thought was impossible. As the X-Wing fighter was raised from the murky depths of the Degobah swamps and set on dry land, Yoda taught a valuable lesson to the Jedi-in-training. Size, weight, difficulty, these were all limits set by the padawan’s own mind. It was his disbelief that held him back. Today, let’s study Yoda’s lesson of belief.

Many of the truths that we cling to depend on our point of view.

– Yoda

Can’t is a bad word in my home. It’s one of the worst words my kids use and it frustrates my when they do. But my response frustrates them more. I reply, “What’s stopping you?” It’s a question they don’t have an answer to. It’s a question they fumble with. It’s a question that teaches them. I then tell them, “The only thing stopping you is your mind.” I didn’t make that up on my own. It’s a lesson I learned from Yoda.

After Luke witnesses the feat that Yoda had just performed with the force, he responds by telling Yoda, “I don’t believe it!” Yoda’s response is something that geeks like me have already echoed in their minds. He looks at Luke, utterly disappointed by his disbelief, and replies, “That is why you fail.” That was a stark revelation for me once I was old enough to grasp the idea. Luke couldn’t lift the X-Wing. Not because of it’s mass, or how much stuff was holding it down in the swamp waters, but because he couldn’t grasp the idea that it was possible. He had given up before he began.

We’re all guilty of it too. How many projects have we committed to failure before we even put them on paper? How many sales have we missed, how many contracts have we lost, how many times have we failed before we even started? For most of us it has been too many to count. To be successful at anything, we have to believe we can be. We have to believe it long before we see it, and we have to maintain that belief through every snare, trip, stumble, and fall. We have to use it to pick ourselves back up again. We have to hold on to it until success is undeniable. That is what Master Yoda was teaching all along.

Take a moment today to do something to build your belief. You’ll thank us later. We’d also love you to leave your thoughts, and those eventual thanks, in the comments section below. Have a great Tuesday, and may the force be with you!

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