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Silicon Valley – the land of start-ups, innovations and tech giants. A mystical place where 20 and 30 somethings are becoming millionaires. A place where business is clearly booming. It’s clear that there is something in the water, air, coffee or organic, G.M.O.-free kale chips up there in San Mateo County that is causing people to have large level success in a very short time span. OK, maybe it’s just the culture.

The young people of Northern California have got some things about success figured out, and they have figured it out to a point that they have systemized it for constant repetition. But what is it that they have learned so early on? It might surprise you to find out that they don’t have many new secrets. The young men and women of Mountain Valley, CA and surrounding cities have simply integrated the time-tested success methods that entrepreneurs have used for decades with a few newly developed tools of success.

1. Take risks. That’s right. Tech founders aren’t scared of failure. As a result, they are willing and unafraid of taking the kinds of risks that might keep some of the rest of us up late at night in cold sweats. What they understand is that success is impossible – read that again – impossible without risk. And, as we’ve all heard hundreds of times before, the greater the risk, the greater the reward.

2. Get back up. This one is sort of self explanatory and follows suit with number 1. If you fail, and you should plenty of times, you’ve got to go at it again. Either refine your original idea and try again or come up with something new. You know the bike/horse/roller skate analogy. If you fall off and stay down, you’ll never learn.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

– Albert Einstein

3. Network like a fiend. Just like it’s rumored to be in Hollywood, it isn’t always what you know, but who you know that matters most. Sometimes your company needs a financial backer. Sometimes it needs someone with a particular skill set. Sometimes it just needs a large contract. Networks help you find those things much more quickly. Meet people, befriend them and develop genuine relationships with them. Ever met a situation where real friendship wasn’t, even in some small way, rewarding?

Shane Snow of Contently.com has 9 more valuable lessons from the valley that will change the way you work. Have a read and learn from the greats.

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