A Low Technology Standard

If you’ve ever worked in the government, construction, or sales industries (there are others I’m sure), you’re familiar with using technology at work that’s older than the stuff you have at home. You’ve probably asked on more than one occasion why your company was using Windows XP for the full 12 years. You may even be forced to use IE 8 even though your computer is running Windows 7. Sadly, these aren’t uncommon questions.

Take, for example, a friend of mine who works in leasing. Let’s call her “Jiji”. Jiji’s company only recently added computers into their leasing offices. These computers, running on Windows 7, have been relegated to IE 9 as a result of the “industry standard” software that the company has chosen to use, called Yardi. However, even if they corrected that problem, they have gone with an “industry standard” credit card processing machine that, in order to connect the transactions to their web-based software, requires IE 8. Sometimes the standard is too low…

Let’s start with their “cloud-based” software. Yardi is allegedly the most widely used software in the industry. However, because of its clear technical limitations, it leaves much of the industry technologically behind. Add in the lack of built-in credit card & check processing and you’ve got a recipe for an outdated office. Compare that to Cozi.co (there are many others), which allows even homeowners to manage their property as a rental. Residents can make payments online, occupancy and maintenance requests can be handled, and the payments can be split by the residents to help handle roommates. It’s accessible via any modern web browser on any device. Leasing can step into the modern era.

However, like in most industries, the most modern option isn’t the “standard” and will therefore only be utilized by the most agile companies – those who seek value over track record. This leaves traditionalist companies in the dust. Which leads us to your company. Are you a traditionalist, using proven software over modernization? Or are you agile enough to accept the new options available, preferring performance and efficiency? Either way, we can help you find the right solution for your company. All you have to do is get in touch with us. You can also share your stories about outdated industry standards in the comments. We’d love to hear them!

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