Manufacturing Grants, Hot Pepper Sauce, and the Environmental Plan

There is a lot to be excited about if you’re a Southern California resident, if you’re in the manufacturing business, if you’re a careful business planner, or if you’re a fan of Sriracha hot sauce. The feds just announced a major grant to the Los Angeles area manufacturing industry. That means job creation. The city of Irwindale has decided not to force Sriracha out by law, which means that 200 seasonal jobs stay in Southern California. And the Air Resources Board released it’s AB 32 long-term environmental plan, which means businesses can plan for the latest green changes.

Southern California Getting Huge Federal Manufacturing Grant

It looks like Los Angeles will become a major manufacturing hub again. It has been added to the list of about a dozen regions that will be sharing a $1.3 Billion manufacturing grant from the Federal Department of Commerce. That sort of stimulus is a great investment for the government, as the Aerospace industry alone was responsible for $31 Billion in goods in 2011, and 80% of it is here in the LA region. Read more on

California City Will Not Declare Sriracha A Public Nuisance

In Irwindale, the residents have been arguing with the city over the Sriracha plant that’s there. The city council has listened to both sides of the argument, and has decided that the over 200 seasonal jobs that the plant provides to Irwindale need to stay in Irwindale. Read more on

AB 32: California Businesses Appreciate State’s Environmental Planning

Normally, when it comes to environmental issues, you hear that business stands in opposition to green law. Today, that isn’t the case. AB 32 is the California Air Resources Board’s long-term environmental plan that lets business know what to expect from state law as far out as 2050. It seems that the ability to plan out not just what businesses have to do to comply with environmental laws, but also how to adapt and profit from it, is providing a bit of pleasantness to a normally touchy subject. Read more on*.

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*MercuryNews article is an opinion column.

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