Today’s article will be short and sweet. I spend a lot of time trying to explain design elements to people. Things like skeuomorphic, flat, and responsive design, as well as that funky lorum impsum text, are all a part of every design meeting. They’re also often difficult to guide people through to the best choice for their company.

So, today, this article is about modernizing through trust.

If you’ve hired a professional website designer/developer, chances are he knows his stuff (or, if your designer is female, she knows hers!). When he suggests you move away from the moving text banners and the flashing icons on the menu, you should definitely trust that he’s making the right call for your company.

Proper design is about getting your visitors to convert to customers. Just because you feel something looks “really cool” doesn’t make it a great design choice. If it irritates your customers into going somewhere else, you’ve gained nothing. Make sure your site is clear and focuses on the product. Pay attention to the psychology of color (alternate info here). But most of all, trust your developer. Her website ninjutsu will serve you well.

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