How Much Does Visceral Concepts Charge?

Ahh, the question we’ve all been waiting for. Prices vary per project, but here’s a breakdown of how we determine pricing.

Pricing is one of those tricky questions in this field. Price anxiety can kill a huge percentage of sales for a company like mine, but we never want to make someone a guarantee for a certain price, then find out that the project either makes us too little money or ends up costing us. As such, those in this industry have a tendency not to publish prices. Visceral Concepts has found a way to do both.

First, let’s go over how pricing is determined. Our fees are based on $105 per hour. Since we have no idea how many hours we’ll be working for your company on your project, we can’t use the “per hour” price to give you a quote or a fixed amount with. And, since you don’t want this price to be something left in the air, we had to fix that. So we take that $105 per hour, then multiply it by the approximate hours we estimate we’ll be spending on your site (generally rounded to the nearest $100 or $500). This is the flat rate that we quote you, and the flat rate you’ll pay if you decide to work with us.

Sometimes there are additional expenses involved, like computer parts or stock photos. For those items, we bill directly our cost to you. We are not a reseller, but we do act as a purchasing agent. We may change this policy in the future, but for now our cost is yours.

There are a handful of hardware services that come at a flat rate. They’re listed below. Everything else is per project based on the guideline above.

Flat Rate Hardware Services – Parts Cost Not Included

  • PC Tune Up – $200
  • Single Part Upgrade – $105
  • Motherboard Upgrade – $150
  • New Computer Build/Full Computer Rebuild – $150
  • Data Recovery Fee – $300 (Recovery Not Guaranteed)

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