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Everything you think you know about SEO is wrong.

For years, the search engines have been working on delivering the most relevant content in their search results. After all, they make their money based on how many people are using their service. The more relevant the results, the more reliable the search engine, the more users to sell. As such, another set of rules to eliminate the “gaming” of the system have emerged.

The article at the bottom lets you know how the rules effect you. I want to talk today about how you, the site owner, need to change your viewpoint on the way your site is run. Search engine optimization is dead.

Really, it all goes back to one idea: Create quality content, and you won’t have to worry about it riding the Google update rollercoaster.”

– John Hall

Keyword densities, alt tags, meta descriptions, and page ranks are the former foundations of your site’s visibility. Hours were spent analyzing common search terms to make sure the potential clients would find you when they looked. The process was so lengthy and complicated that it was common to spend $700 to $7,000 per month to guarantee a page one space on Google. Even then, it was tough for a small company to fight its way around large budgets and “black hat” tricks.

With these changes, Google is making huge strides into a world where the “page one formula” is a thing of the past. In this new method of ranking, content is king and relevance is decided by the things your visitors do once they land on your site. The search engine is no longer looking for the perfect format, but instead is focused on returning sites that are alive and active.

And it’s important we don’t fight these changes. If we spend our time working in the systems of the past, our rank will be history. John Hall, CEO of Influence & Co, offered up this article to Forbes outlining the changes to Google’s system and offering his advice on how you should adapt.

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