Phone Apps and the Future of Business Technology

For once, Apple may be on to something. A few years ago, a sleek, touch screen, fully interactive mobile device hit the market. It touted attractive functionality, compact programming, and full web access. The iPhone changed the way the world looked at mobile media.

I understand that Apple wasn’t the first to offer up the capability of mobile functionality, but they were certainly the first to understand its potential.

As we take a look around the modern mobile platforms, we notice that they all have one thing in common: Apps are king. From the iPhone to Android, Windows 7 to BlackBerry, interactivity and control put in the palm of the end-user’s hand is the future of technology. It’s the television remote all over again.

So what does this mean for you?

Your overall effectiveness relies on your ability to not be tied to one location. You can’t spend your time searching for WiFi hot spots or a convenient Ethernet cable. You need to be portable. Now. And that beautiful little (insert your phone’s OS here) staring back at you every time you dial a call or tap out a text message is the answer.

Allow Visceral Concepts to help you build and design tools for your mobile device to make your business run while you do.

Make perfection your instinct.

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Michael McNew
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