Your Point of Sale is a POS

I had dinner recently at yet another restaurant that was using iPads instead of cash registers. It has become a trend for new companies to order these modern systems instead of their old cash registers. It’s sort of a nice change to see in comparison to just a few years ago, where the office megastore brand of cash register was the norm. It’s odd to me when I see these outdated systems in any small business. They’re almost always a bigger headache than they’re worth.

A traditional cash register runs about $250-$450 depending on the features you’d like, sometimes even more. Once you’ve got it back to your storefront, you’ve got to plug it in to a computer (usually via USB) to program each key’s input. This programming includes items, SKUs, prices, taxes, and special functions that may be specific to your system. If you sell both taxable and non-taxable items, you need to be prepared for that as well. Kiss a good 4 hours of your day goodbye.

Using a more modernized POS system, like Square, PayPal, or one of our custom Point of Sale Solutions (contact us for details), setup is quick and simple, and can be done right on the device. Plus, you can (in most cases) access your point of sale system from multiple devices, so if your iPad goes down for whatever reason, you can switch right over to your iPhone and be back up and running in minutes. And considering there are very inexpensive devices out there that these programs can run on (Android tablets for as little as $60), your cost barrier is dramatically lower. Some of these companies even sell complete systems in the lower end of the same price range that come with a tablet, stand, and connected cash drawer. Your register becomes much more versatile and cost effective.

Have you noticed this trend of tech savvy entrepreneurs growing in your neighborhood? If not, you should definitely contact us. If you have, share your stories – both good and bad – of modern technology interactions in the comments below. Have an awesome weekend!

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