The Power of the Blog

Sometimes, I question the significance of my blog. It can be daunting to write an article every day on a new subject. Researching, digesting, crafting, editing, rewriting, posting, then promoting a blog takes a lot of time. It makes me occasionally ask, “Is this an important part of my business strategy? Is it worth my time?”

I imagine a number of other business owners have the same questions. They want to know if it’s worth taking the extra time out of their day or week to create new and engaging content and distribute it for free. The real answer is an emphatic and resounding YES!

Blogs are the information delivery system of the new age. In fact, you’d be surprised to what level. As it turns out, blogs are the blood veins modern literacy, education, improvement and performance. They supply everything a student, employee or business needs to grow. Even the bad ones contribute in some way to improved comprehension.

“We write the equivalent of some 36 million books every day on social media and email.”

– Clive Thompson

Blogs also help your business gain traction, visibility and credibility. They align you as an authority in your field, as long as you can provide well researched and annotated information to your readers. They also help plant your company’s name firmly in people’s minds so it becomes the first name people think of when they need your products and services. Blogging is engaging advertisement.

Done right, it creates a valuable and valued connection between you and your market.

To illustrate just how significant your blog is, take the time to read this piece by journalist Clive Thompson that explains why even the worst blogs are making us smarter. It’s a bit of a long read, but it reveals the impact one person makes on an entire culture.

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