With How Quickly Technology Is Advancing, How Can I Keep Up?

Agility, flexibility, and early adoption.

Advancing technology is one of the hardest curves to stay ahead of. It’s easy for any company, Visceral Concepts included, to get behind quickly. To truly stay at the front of the wave, it takes lots and lots of money. However, that doesn’t exactly work for small business. There is another method, thankfully. It’s the three part method of agility, flexibility, and early adoption. First we’ll tackle agility.

Agility is about being capable of moving to new technology very quickly and painlessly. It is probably the single largest inhibitor to technological progress in companies. As an example, the US Government and many large corporations are using Windows XP based computers for their daily operations. They have had software built on that platform that has been certified by regulators. They have invested millions in these systems. Changing to something else would be time consuming and costly. However, XP has existed since 2002, making it a ridiculously outdated platform. Microsoft ended support a few days before this article was written. Now the cost of new platforms and the lack of approved software make adaptation near impossible, at best completely unreasonable. They’re not agile enough.

Flexibility (thankfully) is a much easier trait to deal with. It has less to do with money invested or software restrictions. It’s nearly 100% mental. You and your employees have to be totally open to changing systems quickly and ready to learn something new whenever the need for change arises. This is the area where agile companies usually stumble. Laziness makes people averse to learning about new technology. Fix this problem, and change is eased.

Lastly is early adoption. It is critical (if you want to stay ahead of the curve) to jump into new beneficial technologies as early as you realize they will better your company’s situation. Do the research, find out if it will really help, and never jump aboard before you know for sure. But by all means, don’t wait on something you know will help. Do it early and fast.

For the month of April we will be running our 30 Days of Answers series, where we answer 30 of the biggest questions people have for us before they do business with us. Tomorrow we’ll have another question and answer. See you then!

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