About The Radio Silence…

Some of you might have wondered where I went… Let me explain.

Thursday night, April 24th, I began experiencing flu like symptoms. I figured that I’d be down until Friday afternoon, have just a little writing to make up, and I’d be as good as new by Saturday. After all, whenever I get sick, which is rare, it’s never serious.

By Sunday, I had to be taken in to the ER. My symptoms had worsened severely, including high fevers, nausea, two different rashes, and jaundice. I was also severely dehydrated. Over the next two days I spent time having blood taken for lab work. All tests came back negative for any known illness.

I’m sharing this not just to let you know why I haven’t written, but also to ask for help. If anyone has experienced symptoms like this and had some very uncommon illness, please contact me. The doctor is stumped. We have no idea what afflicted me.

All that being said, I’ll be answering the remaining questions from our 30 Days of Answers series in batches to finish them off, I’ll be catching up the #SmallBizTips hashtag over there on Twitter, and I will be starting the new features that we’re announcing at the end of the questions series.

Thanks, and we’re back!

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