Recommendation of the Week: PC Tune Up

Does your computer run slower than it used to? Does it seem to freeze up or have problems it didn’t used to? Are you about ready to throw it out a 5th floor window? Computers can slow down for dozens of reasons. From unnecessary clutter on the hard drive to hardware failures, computer freezes and slowdowns can bring a halt to your day. But what do you do about it? Before you head to some big-box electronics store to buy your next system, we’ve got a suggestion. We recommend a PC tuneup.

In our modern, throw-away society where technology is rapidly becoming less and less expensive, we have a habit of wanting to get rid of the old stuff and replace it with new stuff. In many cases, like cellular phones, there really isn’t an alternative option. Once your mobile stops working, it can’t really be replaced (although cracked screens or busted cases can). Televisions, stereos, and a number of other technology based items get sent to the landfill every year en masse. Your computer doesn’t have to be among them.

Often times desktop computers are designed to be used for close to a decade. Parts are easily replaceable and upgradable, and software can be updated for as long as the hardware will run it. There is no reason to immediately jump to replacement.

Case in point; I had a client last night who was looking for me to build a new computer for him. The one they use now has been in the family about 7 or 8 years and it was starting to really slow down and occasionally freeze up. It was becoming a major hindrance for the family. I went over to see what it was doing, what it was used for, and to make sure I built a new computer that wouldn’t have the same problem. After digging for just a quick bit, I realized that all the parts were in good working order, the specifications of the system were still pretty modern, and that this was likely a clutter or virus issue. I ran a few scans to confirm, and discovered a likely virus, as well as a number of items that needed cleaned out.

A few cleans and about an hour and a half later, his computer is as fast as it was when it was new. While he may still opt to have a new one build, leaving it at this put a ~$700 savings back in his pocket (based on the specs he wanted). Most importantly for him, the family is happy again. This isn’t going to be the case every time, but it’s worth the attempt if you’re thinking of replacement.

This isn’t a service we recommend going about on your own. There are a lot of products out there that are called PC Tune Ups, but they’re run by companies with a shady track record and a number of trust issues. Never use a company or product that’s ambiguous about what it’s doing to your computer. That’s asking for trouble. Seek a professional, like myself, who will explain to you exactly what’s being done at every step, why it’s being done, and how that benefits you.

If you choose to go with us when you’re considering replacement, we’ll do the tune up first. If it does the job, you’ll reap the savings. If it doesn’t, we’ll wave the tune up fee if you choose to have us build the computer. And, as always, we’ll gladly haul off your ewaste at no additional cost.

Let us know your thoughts. Have you ever had a slowdown that was corrected without a system replacement? Share your stories in the comments below, and make sure you pass this along to your friends. Have an awesome Thursday, and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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