Who Retains The Copyrights To My Project?

The copyrights to all original content created for your project – including logos & print copy – are yours, all stock photography copyrights belong to their respective creators subsequent to the stock photo purchase, and any software used will have its individual copyright information included.

This is an important question to ask anyone who may be producing intellectual property for you. You need to know what you’re allowed to re-use in other scenarios and what you aren’t. You also need to know what you can continue using should you ever switch to another company and have anything redeveloped.

The copyright of intellectual property has been a big deal lately, so it’s important the right things are done with it. We feel that it’s immoral to legally own something that someone else has rightfully purchased from you, therefore when we create content for you, you keep the rights. It’s really that simple. Besides, what use would we have for the copy from your “About” page?

For the month of April we will be running our 30 Days of Answers series, where we answer 30 of the biggest questions people have for us before they do business with us. Tomorrow we’ll have another question and answer. See you then!

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