The Secret to Unlimited Creativity

Maybe the title is a bit dramatic, but I think I’ve found the secret to freeing up my creativity. Lately, over the past year or so, I haven’t been writing as much content for our blog or social media. I haven’t been using the different platforms as much as I should. I haven’t been “all-in”. Recently, you may have seen an uptick in the activity, unless you haven’t been following us until recently.

The secret to this recent uptick is that I’ve found out how to be more creative than ever. I want to get in to that and tell you what I’ve done and, hopefully, you’ll be able to use this idea that I’ve put in motion to help unlock your creativity and achieve more of your business goals.

First, I started paying attention. My business requires me to generate content for both my company and for my clients. Creativity is my real asset, and without it I can’t make money. I’ve been pouring all of my creativity in to my clients. I have contracts in place and outcomes I have to deliver. I’ve been in this sort of creative rut and have given what I had to those contracts. I’d be lying if I said my quality hadn’t been declining slightly as a result. However, I had to take myself completely away from my own content to be able to do that.

Creative blocks can often feel like chains

I began to rebuild our content recently, especially through our Instagram page. The micro content there has been going well and, because it’s so small, it’s been easy to maintain. Nothing else has really been active. What I’ve found, though, is that I would have fantastic ideas at inconvenient times and I wouldn’t get them down anywhere. I wasn’t really thinking about how to do that effectively. Then I’d go to create content at a set time and really beat myself up trying to think of what to create. Those fantastic ideas had long left my mind, and I’d have immense trouble.

I can just speak the idea without fear of how it comes out.

I changed things up. Instead of waiting until I was in front of the computer ready to work, I decided that I needed to be agile about how and when I created content. What I do now, at least for the past few pieces of content, is to utilize voice recording software on my phone. Most people have an app available to them on their smartphone, and I put mine to use.

I’d have these epiphanies when I drive (because I have time to think in my car), and I began to speak them in to the software. This content was created that way, as will most of the future content. It’s been working well because I can just speak the idea without fear of how it comes out. Later, I transcribe the recording to text, edit it, and ready it for our blog.

Ideas come at the strangest times.

Eliminating the fear of how the idea comes across has been the real freeing factor, along with the elimination of much inconvenience. Every time I have an idea, I can simply record it, as long as I’m not in a position where the process of talking at my phone is inappropriate. An added benefit that I didn’t realize would happen is that I can hear myself speak the thought. That process often triggers other ideas, which subsequently get recorded as soon as the one I’m on is done. Potentially, I can come up with multiple ideas in a short time.

Once I listen to them later, I can filter out the garbage. This leaves me with the best material that I have to share. That would have never happened by typing alone. While not every idea becomes usable material, I’m still stockpiling ideas that can be modified or expanded on later.

What I recommend to you, if you have a need to create content, or if you have a need to generally be more creative, begin recording your thoughts. I promise that this process will begin to make the ideas flow.

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Michael McNew
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