Shameless Valentine’s Day Article

I think the title says it all, no?

I spend about 3 of my work hours a day reading and developing my knowledge base. It’s something that I feel is important if I want to continue to deliver good value to my clients. As a result of that reading, I have read at least 8 articles today explaining opinions of workplace romance. I would also have to be an idiot to miss this trending search query, so I think I have two things to say about this (maybe three, we’ll see).

The first bit: these articles feel like a shameless way to jump on the Valentine’s Day search queue (that’s an ugly word to spell). Granted, this article is doing the same thing, but there is a difference I’d like to note. The articles that I’m finding feel like the generic response in the corporate world to a holiday revolving around love. Is that the only thing business writers have to say about a holiday like today? In fact, it seems that every article is about the way the workplace interacts – or interferes – with romance.

“I live by one rule: No office romances, no way. Very messy, inappropriate… no. But, I live by another rule: Just do it… Nike.”

– Michael, from The Office

Secondly, just to put in my two cents on the workplace romance topic, I feel that each situation is a case-by-case situation. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, the simple workplace rule is to ignore the romance and evaluate the performance. If there is an “office couple”, they should only receive discipline for behaving in biased ways towards each other. What that looks like is up to you. If they break-up, they should be able to behave like professionals on the clock. If one of them can’t, let that one go.

However, what I really want to leave you with today is the most important information and advice I can offer. Take care of your relationship. Your spouse or significant other needs to know you care about him or her. And not just today, on Valentine’s day, but every day. Don’t let your career interfere with that. Make sure they know you love them. Kids grow up, jobs may change, but your commitment to your spouse can – and should – last your lifetime. Earlier this week, this awesome Huffington Post article on how to keep a hot marriage crossed my desk. The writer, Kristen Welch of, seems to have a real idea of how to keep a marriage strong, and has offered up some of the simpler ways to do it.

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