Small Business Week Featured Business: Paintings by Sara

It’s National Small Business Week and we’re celebrating by introducing you to some of the other small businesses that we support. We plan on releasing a few of these this week, and we’ll probably keep introducing businesses every now and then throughout the year. Today, I want to introduce Paintings by Sara.

Sara Munger has been a friend of mine for a very long time. A born entrepreneur, she has had numerous ideas in the works for years. This one, Paintings by Sara, was the first that she has brought to market. Her hand-painted woodcarvings, canvases, plaques, and other decorative items feature bold colors, witty sayings, and even some of your favorite pop-culture icons (her Avengers caricatures are some of my favorite). We asked her some questions about what she does so our readers would know more. Here’s what she has to say about her company.

What do you offer your customers?

I offer handmade paintings that include everything from inspirational quotes, cartoons, funny signs, parodies…really anything that comes to mind and strikes me as a good idea. I have a bunch of stuff pre-painted, and I can do custom orders as well.

How has your business benefited you or your community?

This business has offered a way to bring art back. It is a way to express yourself and encourage others to do so.

How can our readers contact you?

The easiest way is via my Facebook page.

Where can people find you to see your paintings in person?

People can find me at Tom’s Farms on Saturdays. I’ll be there painting with tons of pre-painted items on display. If they mention that they heard about me through your site, I will give them $5 off any pair of painting.

We definitely encourage you to check out Sara’s work. It’s especially awesome if you have kids or are a total nerd like me and want something totally unique to add to your collection. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below, and make sure you share this with your friends! Look out for more featured businesses coming soon!

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