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It’s a tricky thing, this business of keeping up with modern style, isn’t it? Today I don’t have any article to link to, any external facts for you to check against what I say. What I’m about to write is, in fact, not a fact. It is my opinion. And I offer it today for you to digest, ponder, scrutinize, criticize, praise, and/or agree with. The comments are open, and I encourage a healthy discourse on this subject. It’s dear to my heart and, while I don’t write this as an attempt to convince you to spend extra money on my website design services, but as a way to make you more aware of one of the biggest problems in modern web design today. The outdated site.

It’s common for small business owners to want to make their site last as long as possible. I have a client whose site was built a little more than a decade ago, and he’s just gotten around to hiring me to rebuild it. Over and over again I spend time on the web and come across these same scenarios. What’s even more astonishing is how many of those business owners will tell me that they don’t need my services because there website has worked for years. I have news for them. A website is not like a car or a washing machine. It’s not meant to be “driven into the ground”.

A quality website will be redesigned every year. Period.

Now, I’m not saying it should involve a complete overhaul. If you watch some of your favorite sites, you know that they’re dramatically different than they were a few years ago. Few of them, however, had dramatic makeovers. Most introduce subtle changes on a constant basis. A shadow here, a spacing change there, and a few more subtleties sprinkled in like pepper in a recipe. Many of these changes are so small and subtle that you never noticed them. But if they took them away, or did a side-by-side comparison with an older site, you’d see them instantly.

And so I contest that you should do the same with your site. Build a working relationship with your web guy/gal and have them help you make sure your site is constantly evolving to keep up. It’s worth it.

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Michael McNew
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