Steve Siebold’s Mental Toughness Secret #19: Champions are Curious

Steve Siebold is one of the world’s top performance coaches and experts on the keys to success. An author of many self-improvement works, the most influential that I have had the pleasure to read is his 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class, a book that lays out the 177 differences between the average and the extraordinary. Each secret is laid out in an easy to digest, short length format (usually under a page), and includes an “action step” in order to help you learn to implement the secret. One of my favorite secrets is number 19, which we will discuss today.

The reason I like this one so much is because it’s the only one I didn’t need to work on. Siebold professes that champions are endlessly curious, always seeking new information or a new take on old information in order to find an edge. Digging in and learning new things is not only fun, but incredibly rewarding in and of itself. Learning about anything is exponentially better than remaining knowledgeable about the limited ideas we currently possess, at least in my opinion. For me, learning is growth and motion, and I’m not interested in remaining stagnant. I get bored too easily for that.

Steve talks about having a “teach me” attitude towards life, living in the belief that there is so much more to anything than what’s on the surface. And, in the philosopher’s spirit, the more they learn, the more they realize how little they truly know. They remain open to new ideas, acting like and learning from the newcomers to their profession. Most importantly, they multiply their study speed by asking questions and learning from the experience of others. Because they crave new knowledge, they constantly seek it.

The action step he recommends is to begin asking questions. He suggests that you ask those you are in conversation with during a social situation as many questions as you can about what they do and why they do it. Get details, find suggestions, and learn their opinions. By being curious and excited to learn, you may find the solutions to situations you’ve been facing.

Share your thoughts about the 19th mental toughness secret below. We want to know what you think, why you think it, and what we can learn from you. Have an awesome day!

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