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Every now and then, I’m afraid people might think I’m schizophrenic (I’m not). I have a tendency to have full-blown conversations with myself. I answer myself. Audibly. I talk over scenarios that I have faced, scenarios that I may face, tasks on my list, everything. I also talk to computers, cars, and my phone (to it, not thorough it). I do it at home alone, in my office, hiking, and pretty much everywhere else I go. I’m genuinely concerned that the people who see me doing so will think that I am completely insane. I’m not, I promise.

I discovered a long time ago that my thoughts will cloud everything I have to do if I don’t occasionally verbalize them. When I can hear them it enables me to shut off the other thoughts for just long enough to actually organize my brain. The more thoughts that cloud my head or the more fatigued I am, the more I have to verbalize. By conversing with myself, my learned conversational habits take over, and I focus on what’s being said (though it doesn’t always work in cases of extreme fatigue – then I need to sleep). I may sound crazy, but the action serves a function.

Mental organization is a hurdle for a number of people, not just me. If you’re having trouble with it, I challenge you to do a little self-talk to help straighten your head. Sure, people might hear you and think you’re crazy. If it helps, you can just keep your hands-free device on your ear to create the illusion of talking on the phone. As it turns out, it can help you get things done, too. Success Magazine’s Tony Jeary, motivational speaker and executive coach, recounts this cool method of using self-talk to stop himself from procrastinating. Have a read, then try talking out your day with yourself. Let us know how it works in the comments.

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