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Do you hate writing personal biographies for websites like Facebook or for your employee profile on your company’s site? I do. I never know what I should say… What do people care about? What about me am I trying to reflect? What use does this bio fill? Who is going to see it? Nevermind… I don’t want to…

It always seems so overwhelming to write a personal biography. It makes you a little vulnerable to, doesn’t it? I mean, you’re telling the strange world of the internet who you are, and what your favorite food is (mine is pizza). Here’s the key to remember: Your biography is really about branding yourself. It’s your personality in 500 words or less. It’s a tiny glimpse into who you are and what you are.

Your answers don’t have to pertain directly to the mission of the site it’s going on, either. For example, on my last job’s website, I listed my nickname as “Hawkeye” (a nickname given to me by my wife’s co-workers because I’m an archer), and I used a picture of me on a hike.

Have fun with your bio. If you own the web space, you’ve obviously got more liberty, so spice it up with a little well placed wit. Use a bio picture that includes something you love (like your child… or dog). Include a neat little fact that people might find amusing.

People relate better to the real you than they do to the corporate facade you may be used to putting on. In turn, that creates better, longer-lasting, more meaningful connections. Those are good in both personal and business relationships, by the way.

Susan Spira has some great tips to help you put your biography together so it reflects your personal brand.

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