The Billion Dollar Coach On What Makes A Winner

Arthur L. Williams, Jr. started his career as a successful high school football coach who had aspirations to one day coach the pros. In 1965, he experienced the misfortune of too little life insurance when his father passed, leaving his mother financially devastated. He vowed to do everything in his power to make sure nobody ever experienced the same thing his mother did.

In 1977, Art founded the A L Williams company, a small insurance firm that focused on providing quality term life insurance to middle class families. It quickly grew to become the largest, most successful, and most financially stable life insurance company in the US. Now known as Primerica, the company is the largest independent financial services marketing company in North America, and in 2010 had the largest IPO of any company to that date since the recession began.

In 1987 he delivered one of his most famous speeches to the National Religious Broadcaster Convention. Entitled “Do It”, he delivered a powerful and dramatic message to this group of television personalities about the difference between winners and losers in business. It’s an amazingly energizing speech. It fires me up every time I watch it. Take the 20 minutes to change the way you feel about winning in business. Leave your thoughts about his speech in the comments!

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