The Power of Clean

Ever seen the “World’s Worst Website”? Have a gander (caution, it may crash your browser!) It’s a mockup site showing what your website shouldn’t look like when it goes live. If it has any of the features on that site, consider having the person who designed it arrested.

Have you ever visited a site that was just far too cluttered and you couldn’t stand to use it any longer? How about one that needed you to do so much that you bailed half way through what you wanted to do? Text too small? Images too fuzzy? Not enough space between objects? The list goes on…

Modern design is all about simplicity. If you’ll notice, terms like “above the fold” (the part that you can see when you first look) and “less white space” no longer apply. Look at Facebook as an example. The design is simple with subtle accents (like the shadow under the blue top bar) sprinkled in like a well seasoned dish. Sure they change it a bunch all the time, but it always stays clean. How about Google? Open it up: grey menu bar at the top, logo and search box in the middle, open white space everywhere else. Bing? A great looking image with a search bar and logo in the center, some info on the bottom, all wrapped in a dark grey background.

The more the web gets developed, the simpler and cleaner sites become. As it turns out, people have trouble trying to navigate something that is complex, cluttered, and generally ugly. Now ask yourself, “How does my company’s site rank against those concepts of cleanliness?” It may be time for a little spring cleaning. has a great piece featuring many more sites with that same, clean, simple design. As you can tell, this isn’t just my opinion. Sites that are clean simply have better engagement. Consider yours.

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