The Sweet Taste of Persistence

Cake or death? Seems like a simple question…until you are the one making the cake.

A few years back, I decided to tackle baking, in particular—cakes. It seemed simple enough. I saw cool cakes online and at the bakery and thought, “I can do that. That looks so easy!” Thus, I started my journey into the cake making world. I read “simple” step-by-step instructions, printed out the pictures of the cakes that I wanted to model after, started putting it all together, and Viola! I had a… well… a cake… sort of. My baking journey started out as one fail after another. As it turns out, each step-by-step instruction, including the order in which one executes each step, is vitally important! I had always enjoyed cooking, creating new dishes, and making up my own rules as I went. I loved being able to create something new! However, as I quickly found out, baking did not work quite that way. Cakes very quickly became my nemesis—and I was determined to conquer them!

Why am I sharing this story with you? How does this relate to the world of business? Simply put—it doesn’t matter what the subject matter, dealing with repeat failures can be difficult. Whether you are struggling with increasing business revenue, lowering costs, expanding your market share, just getting your business started, or making a beautiful cake, the ability to maintain a positive mindset that enables you to keep going, can be the hurdle that breaks most, and leads to giving up. Learning to see set-backs as necessary stepping stones to success takes practice, persistence and a little bit of stubbornness… as in my case. I have in no way mastered these steps, and I hope that I never “think” that I have. Training myself to keeping going, to maintain a positive outlook, and to push through failure, is an on-going, ever evolving process that I hope I always strive to maintain.

I recently came across an article by Nadia Goodman, a contributor to called How to Train Your Brain to Stay Positive. I found this article to be very simple, yet informative in providing easy steps for pushing through failures and I think that you will enjoy it. Remember, training your brain to stay positive in the face of failure, after failure, can be challenging. “But over time, it’ll become automatic and negative thoughts will be less likely to come up. No one does this naturally; you have to learn and practice.”

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